Home again, home again

jiggity, jig!

When arriving home after even a few days gone, it always seems a bit surreal to me.  Like everything here in NJ should have come to a standstill while I was away.  It always takes me a few days to get my bearings–less like jet lag, more like ‘home lag.’

Home lag seemed more pronounced this time around–maybe because it was such busy week chez Sato.  We arrived home from PR on Thursday (wishing we had one more full day there–stuff got left undone), and it was Thing 2’s 15th birthday.  Friday the Mister and I returned to work, and now we’re catching up with emails, laundry, kitchen-cleaning and other mundane household chores. 

There were two great things about PR, one I won’t mention (because it involves a gift to be given later on) and the other was the El Yunque rain forest.  I like hiking, and wish we had more time to spend here.


(me, by a big tree!)

The trail we took was on the shorter side (.8 miles one way), but fairly steep.  At the end there was a waterfall, and the Mister and Thing 3 donned their suits for a dip.

waterfall swimming

I wish I had more photos to share, but as I mentioned, Thing 3 was our photographer, and I haven’t gotten my hands on her camera’s disk yet.  Which means you all will be treated to yet another PR-themed post sometime in the near future.

Thursday, upon arriving home, we topped off at the kaiten-sushi place for a meal and to celebrate Thing 2’s birthday.  While mofongo is delish, we have a hard time escaping our roots.

sushi 2013-02-21 19.10.22

We got our favorite booth, right next to the homage to misfit toys (or toys left behind).  I love seeing how this collection grows each time we visit.

This morning, with laundry piles abound, felt as though we were approaching normalcy, and I got up fairly early for a morning run.  Although my running club had one of their winter hosted runs, I had an acupuncture appointment, so I opted for a 6 mile trail run.

Well, it appears as though NJ’s weather did not improve while we were gone and the trail was 6 miles of slushy snow, ice and muck.  Which doesn’t do much for my pace, but it did make me practice a lot of lateral movement, which is good, I guess, for my hip abductors. At about mile 3, I was joined by a friend:


(s)he was faster.  I enjoyed the run, despite the muck.  Even the rain wasn’t bothersome–the temps, while chilly, were decent, so all in all, it was a good effort.

Tomorrow I have a work commitment in the morning, so the 12 mile run I wanted to do may be replaced by an 8 or 10, and then on Monday I start my new running plan–all set up by my coach.  I’m excited for this and to see how it will help me tackle my upcoming races!


  1. Welcome Back clan Sato!

    And….HOW many sushi plates were that?!?!?! OMG! lol. When I go with the daughter, we have perhaps … 7 or 8 between us. Wait though….you, the Mr … and Things 1, 2 & 3…so 5 of you…say at 4 or 5 plates a piece….that would be … *add 2….carry the 3…* Somewhere between 20 – 25 plates….so that looks about right. But hoooo….that must be a $60+ meal when you all go out!

    Love the couple photos you do have (and would be soooo interested to see what Thing 3 has on the camera).

    Again … welcome home *smiles8

    • We didn’t even count the plates, but the bill was about 1/3 more expensive than usual. We were very hungry! I hadn’t even sat down before the Things had all scarfed down their first plates!

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