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Asking me to pick Oscar winners is like taking March Madness advice from the NPR news team (which I regularly do, and then am always disappointed when I don’t win the pool).  There’s just a slight disconnect, usually because I have seen NONE of the movies nominated*

Amazingly, this year I have some actual skin in the game!  I saw several of the nominated movies–Argo, Lincoln, Les Miserables, and Frankenweenie (best animated movie category).  I don’t know how this happened–usually the only movies I see are those that I take the Things to, but somehow the stars must have aligned to improve my social life.

I really enjoyed Argo, Lincoln and Frankenweenie.  Les Mis, not so much.  I didn’t realize there would be that much singing.  And I LOVE musicals, but for some reason, it didn’t resonate. Not that it wasn’t beautifully filmed (it was), but, as Thing 2 would say: “meh.”

I hope Lincoln wins in its categories.  DDL, Sally Fields and TLJ were awe-inspiring to watch.  The cinematography was fantastic.  The costumes incredible, and the story so compelling.  But if Argo wins in some of its categories, I won’t be disappointed.  It’s satisfying when smart films win.

So, I’m glad the Oscars are on tonight; it will help me stop thinking of Matthew’s downfall (which I’m still uber-disappointed about).



*Except for 1995, when I saw Babe and was heartbroken that it didn’t win anything (although it was nominated).


  1. Ahh, I have not seen most of the movies myself … I did not recall that the awards show was even going to be on tonight until a friend mentioned something to me.

    What makes me go harumph though…is I believe it is now prempting one of the 3 shows I do watch on the tele…Once Upon A Time….oh well.

    And…you are a Downton fan! Yahhh. A couple of us discuss it now and again. While in the world or important things, a tele show ranks about 1,207th on the list…I will say, I was thoroughly upset with the show last week Sunday! lol

    • i LOVE Downton, and am still mourning Matthew. Funny how a show can creep under your skin like DA does. The last show that totally captivated me was Lost. My TV viewing life hasn’t been the same since. Unless you count Househunters International.

      • Ohhh… I used to watch Lost too! High-5!!!

        I keep saying I don’t watch a lot of tele…but I am wondering now if in fact I watch too much! The other show I am watching a lot of is Once Upon A Time….and Doc Martin lol.

        When I was watching and saw Matthew die…I was sooooo angry! I was almost going to boycott lol. Have you ever watched the series Ballykissangle? It was on PBS several years ago. And they killed off the main romatic character reminicent of how they did Matther. In that instance, people were SUPER upset and actually did boycott the series. I know I did.

        Jaysus…that a tele show can get you emotional that way lol

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