99 Bottles of beer

Well, not quite that many.

While I may be saddled with enjoy whine with my dinner (oh, the joys three Things bring), I much prefer beer.  Wine is nice and all, and I do enjoy a glass on occasion, but beer’s my beverage of choice.  I think it’s the carbonation.  And the flavor.  Less fruity, more hoppy.

The Mister enjoys both beer and wine, but for the second year in a row, I have enabled our beer habit by buying him a “beer of the month” club membership from our local wine store. It’s the gift that keeps on giving–every month, the Mister gets 3-4 bottles of ‘yet to be put on the shelves’ specialty beers from around the globe.  These are beers that will eventually be sold in the store, but club members get first taste.  Now, I don’t really care all that much about having access to something before the rest of the crowd, but what I do enjoy are the write-ups we get with each selection.

beer of the month selection for feb

This is February’s selection.  The little bottles are all gone now, and we opened the big one (a winterscotch ale) with our shepherd’s pie tonight.  Tasty!


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