Dr. Google

is bad for my health.  Just as my hip/hammy issues seems under control and totally within the realm of getting back to normal, the same foot’s ankle/lower shin is now acting up.  Not quite sure why.  My mileage hasn’t increased.  My speed hasn’t increased.  Yes, i’ve done a few strides and hills,  but both were on my typical route and nothing new for the body.  After a few days with Dr. Google, I’ve determined it’s either some sort of tendonitis or (gasp) a stress fracture.  I am soooo hoping for the tendonitis.  I. Can. Not. Spend. Another. Spring. In. A. G-d boot.  Let me rephrase that: I. Will. Not. Spend. Another. Spring. In. A. G-d boot.

I won’t bore you all with the uber long story, but sometimes I wish the Gods of the Interwebs would hijack Google when I have an injury.  Let’s just leave it at it’s way too easy to become consumed with horror stories.

After a trial run this morning (the first since Tuesday), I decided, somewhat rationally and maturely, that I would not run tomorrow in the Miles 4 Music 20k.  Instead, I will cheer on the close to 18 members of my running club that will be there, and I’ll be holding our banner high (and acting as bag drop for them all).  I think it will suck–the weather is supposed to be beautiful, and I enjoy running with these folks.  But my eye’s on the prize: a good race in Bruges on 5/5, a better race in Chicago on 5/25, and a PR-crushing race in Portland, Maine on 7/14.

Proactively, I scheduled an appointment with my sports orthopedist for Monday, and with my ART/Graston PT guy for after that.  My nightmare diagnosis is the stress fracture, because that would truly disrupt my plans for Bruges (8 weeks out), but I’ve already registered and bought my ticket and reserved my hotel, so whether I get there in a g-d boot or my kick-a$$ motorcycle boots, I’ll be there.  And unless the Doc can completely rule-out the stress fracture, I think I’m going to raise a fuss and ask for an MRI.  The deck is stacked against me in the struggle; according to the Mayo Clinic, the risk factors for stress fractures are:

  • Certain sports: yep, running’s one of those
  • Increased activity: it seems my body interprets increased activity as anything more strenuous than getting out of bed in the morning
  • Sex: yep, tall thin women  of northern european ancestry, watch out.
  • Foot problems: high arches
  • Weakened bones: can you say “osteopenia”? Well, I’ve got that. (as do many, many women my age)

I know I should stop grousing.  This is a complete First World Problem (oh, I hope I’m not injured so I can go run in BELGIUM? oh yeah, that’s truly a heart-breaking story).  And I’m lucky enough to live in an area with great resources to tap into, insurance with which to pay off those resources, and a supportive network of friends and family around me.

So I’ll shut up now, and try to figure out how to be wicked cheerful while not running and minus one hour of sleep tomorrow morning!

Oh, and Irish Katie: this one’s for you: (it was across the shopping plaza from the packet pick-up for the race.  I guess we’re approaching civilization here on the east coast!)

drive-thru sbucks



  1. Ooooh nooooo…..I feel your pain I really do. My only advice right now is stop, rest and look after it…..carrying on running through the pain will only make it worse (been there done that)…..sending positive vibes from over the pond!

    • Thanks Helen. I’m counting the minutes until I can see the doc (at 11:20am; glad we moved the clocks ahead!). I’ve done nothing over the past week, so finger’s crossed!

  2. First….but not most important … *makes gurgly noises in my throat at the Starbucks* Gimme latte. Gimme cream cheese danish. *gurgle gurgle*

    Next … that which IS important … is your foot. I do hope it’s not a stress fracture … and that it’s not anything so bad as to stop you from running. I’m not even thinking of the running events … just any running, because I know you love it so.

    And finally (for this blog post response anyway) … I forgot to set my clocks ahead last night and was wondering why I kept running late. My car clock said one thing, my phone (which updates automatically) had the correct time…and I kept thinking, I am taking how long to do this?

    • I am so hoping this is a severe case of tendonitis and that the ortho doc will recommend the PT doc use graston and ART to get me through this. but i’ve sprained my ankles (both, at different times, rather severely, and this feels so different).

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