and the verdict is…

stress fracture.

Albeit a teeny, tiny one.  at the very start of its life.  That, and a bunch of edemas (bruises?) in the surrounding area.

So what’s that mean?

No activity for four weeks.  My doc thinks we caught it really early, and that with complete rest, it’ll heal up nicely.  My last run was Saturday.  So four weeks from last Saturday is…April 6.  Four weeks from today is…April 11.

He did not put me in a boot.  Mostly because the boot has caused me so many other injuries afterwards.  And told me that I could see my PT/ART/Graston guy so that the edemas and swelling don’t create any scar tissue.  So I hustled my butt on over to my PT guy immediately afterwards.  Now, he may be more of a realist, and he thinks 4 weeks is a little on the agressive side.  But we worked on some ankle mobility, and he taped me up and sent me on my way (until next week) with the assignment: non weight-bearing stretches, strengthening moves (esp for my hip) and to walk normally, with no limp, even if that means at a glacial pace.

So I am moving at a glacial pace.

And I came home to an email from my relay team captain with the docket for 2013.  There’s a marathon-length relay/beer run on April 20, then the rest of the races are from June onwards.  I’ve signed myself up for 3 (including the yet to be determined or planned out 1,000 mile pub run of Ireland and Scotland in the summer of 2014).

But the elephant in the room?

The race in Bruges on 5/5.  I want to go so badly, but all signs point to an even larger elephant in the room–over training and trying to come back too quickly.  If I’m able to run mid-April, that gives me only 2-2.5 weeks to train for a 15k.  And that’s assuming I’ll be enjoying craptastic cross-training options like the recumbent bike.  Last year after getting over my heel stress fracture, I over-trained and tried to come back too quickly for the Old Port Half. Which led to my hip issues, which are only getting better now, 8 months later.  The other elephant in the room (yep, lots of elephants here in NJ)–money.  I’ve already paid for the race (losing that is no big deal), but I already reserved my hotel and if i’m to cancel, I would need to do so by Easter.  Granted, after another few weeks, I should know better how I’m progressing, but…argh!

On a brighter note–look what happens when running time becomes sewing time:

IMG_0996 IMG_0998


This is Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated. I’m sorta in love with it, and for some reason unlike knitting projects (which I NEVER make twice), I’m thinking I need a few more of these–slightly longer, and with side seam pockets and maybe a fold-back cuff on the sleeve.  Just listen to me–this is the FIRST EVER garment I’ve ever sewn, FIRST EVER thing I’ve ever cut a pattern for, and now I’m making mods! 


Here’s what I’m particularly proud of: the front bodice–I wanted the large print flowers, but needed to be oh-so-careful of the placement.  And they came out centered and perfectly (although not mirror image, but that’s ok, because that’s the fabric’s fault, not mine).

Watching out knitting, sewing’s in the house!


  1. Well I am sorry to hear it turned out to be a stress fracture. And I know you are totally now wondering what will happen with the Bruges run. I also don’t know a lot about running, but even so, the 2-3 weeks to train after an agressive recovery does sound like little time to train. But it also sounds like you have gone through similar recoveries before … so just hopes for the best for you

    As for the sewing … wow. I like the yellow…and it IS cool that the front matches up … and you also have a wonderful smile.

    • Decided that I can’t let the trip to Bruges influence my recovery. If I think I’m going to go, then I may try to force everything. I’ll make a final decision around Easter time (that’s 2 weeks into the recovery). Until then, I’m going to not try to think about it!

    • It is my first clothing sewing project (I’ve done quilt tops and curtains before). I LOVED the entire process (even the ironing) so much that I’m taking my machine in for service!

  2. Learning to deal with injury and sickness is part of the running deal. Looks like you`ll be busy sewing though! I don`t mind reading lots of sewing and knitting entries! The tunic reminds me of Orla Kiely designer stuff. Looks fab!

  3. Honest opinion….Bruges…go there, do it, look at the scenery and enjoy it, even if your time is slow. Train very gently after your stress fracture recovers and bank on the fact that your body has a fitness memory and you can run the distance even if you aren’t in peak shape……don’t stress, take time to smell the flowers and enjoy your running. (Hate to say this, but at our age it really isn’t about the times, it’s about taking part and enjoying it!). Whatever you do , don’t try to train like crazy once you’re allowed to because something else will probably go wrong and you won’t make it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the top – proof there’s always a silver lining!

    • You’re absolutely right. I was leaning in this direction–the point of the trip is the race, but not my actual time. It’s the chance to run on cobblestones through a wicked old, beautiful town, meet new people, run in a completely different environment. It’s about the experience. And I had so many fun plans centered around the race too, like a bicycle tour of the region, and I just don’t want to miss that. So thanks Helen, for helping me see that!

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