Chin up!

I’ve decided that while I’m on the DL (that’s the Disabled List, in old baseball parlance), I will not go outside.  That way, I will not see the millions of runners that use my town’s very long thoroughfare on their runs, which will keep me from getting jealous, which in turn will keep me from lashing out against any and all innocent bystanders and family in my life. When I stay inside, I’m oblivious to what’s happening outside, and that, for the next four weeks, is how it’s going to be.

And when I stay inside, I’ve got to keep occupied, without putting my leg to use, so that means sitting and knitting. Today I finished Redy:


Redy is a top down, cowl-ish neck, contiguous sleeves sweater made from one strand of the super skinny Kidsilk Haze held together with an sport weight alpaca from Blue Sky Alpacas.  It’s knit in the round, and then worn with the purl side out.  I’ve not been a fan of ‘purl-side out’ sweaters, but this year, I’ve knit three, and I’m beginning to like this look. This will be my last winter sweater of the 2012-13 winter, most likely.  While the weather’s predicted to turn lousy over the next few days, I don’t expect to get much use of this beyond April.  The Kidsilk Haze and alpaca together make a really really really very really warm sweater.  In fact, I’m wearing this as I’m typing, and it’s making me sweat.

My success with sewing has made me overconfident–I signed up for yet another class–this time an a-line skirt with an invisible zipper.  I also bravely found my sewing machine (in plain site, next to my knitting basket), and dusted it off, and spent a good 2-3 hours looking at it and occasionally pressing down on the pedal.  Yep, it works.

2013-03-16 15.30.38 2013-03-17 20.20.27

The blue is the fabric for the skirt.  I’m sorta in love with it.  And I’ve decided to make this sweater (solis) to wear with it. I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve been seeing TONS of sweaters/tops this spring that have either lace sleeves and knit bodies, or lace bodies and knit sleeves.  I’ve got another design idea brewing in my head that incorporates both lace and stockinette stitch, but for the time being, I thought Solis would work perfectly with a simple a-line skirt. I’m knitting it in a soft yellow-green.  Should work.

Meanwhile, as far as the injury goes, I’m enjoying staying off my feet.  The lousy weather helps–it’s not hard to miss running in the rain, snow, cold spring wind.  Reading other bloggers race recaps is always a challenge (everyone seems so speedy), but four weeks will be over before I know it.  Already I feel improvement: my leg no longer throbs (which lets me sleep through the night), and my ankle where the fracture is (in the distal tibial region which is the bone that forms the inside ankle) feels more like a really bad sprain now–the pain doesn’t radiate.  My lower leg is still unattractively swollen (talk about cankles!!!), but I’m sure that will get better with time. I’m staying away from Dr. Google, because that’s where all the bad news is, and if I’ve learned anything from these series of injuries, everyone recovers at his/her own pace.


  1. I love the jumper slightly envious can’t knit to save my life on account have stubby fat fingers, but I do love to sew and maybe if I had to stop for a while I would have more time to do so.

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