As I write, I’m watching the snow from last night’s storm slooowwwwlllyyyy melt away.  March snows are so cruel, but at least they melt without the need for shoveling.

All winter long as I perused my blog feeds, I felt sorta smug. Around the holidays it seemed as though the flu or colds were felling just about everyone out there.  Except me.  I had risen above the fray and got through the winter unscathed.

Ha! Spring doesn’t get here til Wednesday, and now I’m down for the count with a horrid cough, fever and sore throat!  Ach! At least the crud was kind enough to hit while I’m laid up. The bad thing though is that this week I wanted to get started on the stupid recumbent bike (we have a small fitness room at work with an elliptical, bike, treadmill, weights) so I could try to keep up with my cardio.  Yesterday I actually headed off to work with all my gear, except my shoes, which I think I did subconsciously as the bike is so boring and I wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

Today I’ve started Solis:


The back is a four row pattern repeat that’s a bit fiddly (no knitting in the dark on this one).  The yarn is Rowan’s wool cotton that I had in my stash–it’s a pretty spring green color.  I love wool/cotton blends–if they get tossed into the washing machine, it’s not the end of the world (and believe me, that happens frequently chez Sato).  Knitting with this type of blend is pleasant–the stringiness of the cotton is masked by the elasticity of the wool fibers.  Since this top is short-sleeved, I should be able to whip it up rather quickly.  Maybe in time for our next snow storm!



  1. Love that color! I’m still watching the snow fall here, and realizing there’s no way it’ll melt without need for shoveling. Ah well. Looks like it’s good stuff for snowman construction at least.

    • You can find Solis on the fairmont fibers website. knitting is so tactile–if the yarn doesn’t feel right, the whole project takes on a tedium of its own.

      • Thanks for that Solis info-and subsequent enlightening post.It took a lot of acrylic knits for me to learn about yarn tedium and yet decent yarn,in these parts,is hard to find.

      • I totally understand about the lack of great yarn in your neck of the woods–I was so surprised on my 2006 trip to Scotland at how difficult it was to find a yarn store!

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