Channeling my inner Pinterest

I have crafty ambitions, but aside from knitting (and possibly sewing), I’m not so good at the craft stuff.  I’ve got good ideas, but the execution?  Well, that’s always an issue.

Tonight truly tested my limits.  I’ve got a big project on the docket–putting together my mother’s 70th birthday gift.  Her birthday is March 31, which conveniently, is Easter Sunday.  My sister, the family party planner, is in Hong Kong, so that sorta put the brakes on a big family party.  Instead, I came up with the idea of leaving 70 notes for my mom all over her house.  My sister, riffing on the theme, added what I consider a genius idea: put the notes in plastic Easter eggs, and give my mother her own Easter egg hunt.  Then I thought she may want a special book to hold all these notes. . .and this is how one simple idea starts to grow out of control.

For the past week, I’ve been collecting the memories from my brothers, sister and their families.  Today involved buying the album and then printing out the memories.  I put this off to the last minute because craft stores give me the hives.  I hate them.  But then I had a brainstorm.  The shop where I get my fabric is actually a craft store! Granted, slightly higher end than a typical Michaels, but a craft store nonetheless, and given the choice of spending my dollars locally or at a chain store, I choose the local guy.  Mostly because I’m lazy.  But also because I want a vibrant downtown. But mostly because I’m lazy.

Anyways, we got the album, and then struggled to add the extra pages (screw drivers were involved).  Then I had to cut down the fancy paper to 8.5 x 11 size.  Of course I couldn’t find my scissors, and had to use Thing 3’s safety scissors.  My fingers really fit nicely in those. Then I formatted and tried to print out all the memory notes.  I got about one-third the way through, and then ran out of printer ink.  Not to be deterred, I started cutting up the 3 pages I was able to print out, and realized the heavier stock paper didn’t fold quite so neatly into the plastic eggs.  thud (the sound of my head hitting the table. repeatedly)

IMG_1023 IMG_1024 IMG_1025 IMG_1026 IMG_1027

So tomorrow my t0-do list now includes a trip to Staples to get printer ink, printing and cutting the remaining memory notes, stuffing the eggs, packing, traveling 3 hours to Connecticut, somehow distracting my mother so that I can hide 70 eggs around her house.

But the thought of my mother finding eggs for weeks, maybe even months to come, is enough to keep me going. Even if the execution isn’t quite on par with Pinterest.




  1. That is a lovely, lovely thought really. I KNOW your mom will like the notes…the thoughts….omg I KNOW she will love it.

    Finding all 70 though oohhhh lol. Maybe a few eggs…lead her to the album so you dont have to stuff and hide the eggs?

    In any case, I bet it will be a very, very special time for you AND your mom *smiles*

  2. I will hide similar amount of eggs for 11 yr old and love in a couple of months the thrill of finding one especially if I am the finder as obviously ‘finders keepers’

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