Hodge Podge

So much content…

So little time…

First, to be filed in the category “china has nothing to worry about,” tonight I learned how to sew in an invisible zipper.  Yep, I’m taking another sewing class at my LCS (local craft store).  I’m making an a-line skirt.  It’s called the Barcelona skirt and it’s an Amy Butler pattern.  LOVING THIS!

IMG_1060 IMG_1062


Here I am installing the invisible zipper.  It only took me one try (I’m very proud of this).



Here’s the zipper actually working. You Can. Not. Believe. how incredibly happy this made me.

Tomorrow night is the conundrum.  At 6:30pm sewing class continues.  I will be sewing the lining into the skirt, and then hemming the entire thing.  At 7:30pm, my running club is having its annual awards dinner.  I am responsible for bringing one of the awards.  Honestly, I don’t really have a lot going on socially in my life (a few years ago, I got good at saying “no” to a lot of extra curriculars).  So the fact that I’ve got a conflict on a random Tuesday is throwing me for a loop.

And truth be told, I’m a little anxious about attending the awards dinner.  When I had my stress fracture last spring, just seeing able-bodied runners made me sooooo jealous.  Everyday that I couldn’t run, I was so out of sorts.  This time around, the injury, coupled with the horrible chest congestion, sinus infection and ear infection have kept me indoors.  It’s done wonders for attitude, but it’s also made me wonder if I’ll even want to lace up once I’m given the ok. I’m sure I will (lace up, that is), I just don’t feel so motivated right now.

That being said, I think I’m turning the corner on this injury.  After a very painful two and a half weeks, the past two mornings, I’ve been able to get out of bed, put weight on my leg and actually not regret having got out of bed.  There’s still some fairly discomforting swelling, though.

(Guess which legs hurts?).  This is actually much better than it’s been.  But still disconcerting to have that amount of pressure on your leg (as it swells, my skin feels as though it can’t contain the insides of my leg).  Given what that poor Duke basketball player went through though, I am not complaining.  I am good!

Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on both the skirt and awards dinner!  Maybe I’ll even wear the skirt to the awards dinner.  Now that would be fancy!





  1. Nothing on for weeks, then two engagements back to back? I know the feeling! I also know what that jealous of other runners when not running, and wondering will I ever run again feelings are like! 😉 It will pass. You`ve worked too hard at running to let it go. Great zip insert. Damned if I could ever do that.

  2. Oh … I love the print you are using for that skirt. And … is your leg a bit swollen still? Ack…(and I believe in you…that you will lace up once you are better healed.)

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