what a whirlwind of a weekend!

Easter, my mother’s 70th birthday, travel, family, new puppies…there really couldn’t have been more action.

First, the 70th birthday.  Everything pulled off without a hitch.  We arrived in Connecticut (despite the dismal traffic), met up with my two brothers, and got all the eggs safely inside the house.  On Saturday, I made a devil’s food birthday cake, and my Chicago brother cooked a fantastic lamb, polenta, and roasted veggies for dinner.  We iced the cake and stuck one egg (with a compilation of the grandchildren’s memories) on top.  Grandma was thrilled.  And subsequently left speechless when we let her know there were 70 more eggs hidden around the house.  (the one on the cake was the “one to grow on.”)  Grandma’s eyes must be weakening, because by the time we left the house on Sunday mid-afternoon, she had only found 6 more. 64 to go.

Grandma’s other gift:

Daisy & Pippa

Meet Daisy (left) and Pippa (right).  They’re Grandma’s new puppies.  Big Jim (aka grandpa) gave Grandma a Gorden Setter (Abby) when Grandma turned 60.  So, logically, he thought that when Grandma was ten years older and Abby herself an aging dog, Grandma needed two puppies.  Daisy and Pippa are 12 week old English Springer Spaniels.  They are so freakin’ adorable and squirmy and warm and wiggly and soft in that awesome puppy way.  And they require a whole different kind of energy.  Thus the crates.  It sorta protected them for the swarm of small children this weekend.

2013-03-31 11.20.36

They also have a comfy bed, complete with chewable shoes and other toys.

Of course, it wasn’t all about Grandma and puppies; we also celebrated Easter.  Since we were traveling, I kept it a bit more simple than in the past (when I typically added some sort of “gift” to accompany the chocolates in the Easter basket).  Frankly, the whole 70 egg thing sorta wiped me out, so I stuck with idea of simple easter baskets, but decided to do them in fishbowls (plastic)–something I had seen on pinterest.

2013-03-30 22.22.39 2013-03-30 22.22.42

Thing 3 got the milk chocolate bunny, Thing 1 the dark chocolate and Thing 2 the white chocolate.  I have since learned that Thing 2 doesn’t like white chocolate.  In fact, nobody chez Sato likes white chocolate except for me.  The rabbits, foil eggs and jelly beans are all made in our neighborhood by a local candy/ice cream store.

All in all, a good weekend.


  1. Please send me Thing 2’s white chcolate please. It is not as good as dark chocolate … or milk chocolate … or ginger infused chocolate … or a hot cup of chocolate … or chocolate pie … or chocolate cake … but…IT IS CHOCO !!!! (well, technically not … but damnit, it has the word chocolate in it and I will love it and hold it and squeeze it and go mmmmmmmm as I pop it in my mouth.)

    Errr….am I sounding a bit rabbit? Hahahaha…I meant rabbid, but it’s Easter.

    As for grandma and the 70 eggs….I was wondering if you were going to give her some help. Poor, poor grandma! Though I am sure she, as well as all of you, had a wonderful time *smiles*

    • Sadly, the white chocolate bunny is completely unbitten into…even at this late stage of the game. The other two rabbits are earless and losing their bodies.

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