Although this morning’s temps topped out at 37F, I wore my new skirt to work today!

new skirt


I HEART this skirt.  And in my head, I know what I’m going to do the next time I make it, to give it a little variation.  Since it’s lined, it’s actually heavy, so even the cold temps this morning weren’t an issue.  Next time around (for a purely summer skirt), I’m going to find a lighter weight muslin for the lining.  I think, too, that I may shorten it slightly (right above the knee), and maybe lower the midriff a tad as this is quite high waisted.  But I LOVE the fabric (it’s a windham fabric, their Bella line)

And yes, I know the boots aren’t really the right shoes for this. I had planned on wearing these



but they didn’t look so great with this:


(the compression sock I’m wearing to help with the swelling). In fact, nothing in my closet looks good with these socks, except maybe other running clothes.

I’m not a fan of synthetic socks. They make my feet sweaty (sorry, TMI), and they slide around in my shoes.  So today I found some smartwool compression socks online and ordered those.  Hopefully they’ll get here soon.



  1. Hmm, the shoes plus those socks plus the skirt — now THAT would have been a fashion statement. Not quite sure what you would have been saying however.

  2. I love it! It looks very Boden…and I think it looks great with the boots. You may inspire me someday to get my sewing machine back out. I made an A line skirt one time that I still wear and love; maybe it is time for a new one!

  3. Your skirt is fab ! Funnily enough was just watching a new TV programme on BBC in UK called the great Sewing bee its a TV sewing contest – with each week one contestant leaving ( like X factor but so much better or Great British Bake off. 🙂

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