Now comes the hard part…

This morning when I was walking Thing 3 to school (yes, I still walk her to school, even though it’s only two blocks away because she’s got to cross this crazy intersection, and because she was hit by a car (but not badly if getting hit by a car could be considered not bad) when she was 3, on my watch, because her idea of looking both ways was up and down as opposed to right then left.  So I’m never going to let her near a crazy intersection by herself until she’s 30. And then only maybe),  I got the sudden urge to run across the street to beat the light. So I did.

And my leg didn’t snap in two.  Or fall off.  Or even hurt, all that much.  Honestly, it’s a bit of a relief–the urge to run is still there.  Until that moment, I wasn’t sure it would return.  It’s an odd sort of pain this stress fracture has had–sorta like a vise on my lower leg that tightens and loosens throughout the day.  The past two days it’s been more of the loosening feeling than the tightening feeling.  Maybe the pretty pink compression socks are doing their job and keeping the swelling at bay?  In the mornings, I can actually see my ankles!  They’re gone by mid afternoon, but that’s improvement over their being gone by the time I take my morning shower.  I think I can categorize myself as being officially on the mend, and that’s when it gets hard–not overdoing it, or jumping back into activity too quickly.

This afternoon, though, the tightening feeling has returned.  But I think due to a good cause–it was my turn to be Mystery Reader in Thing 3’s classroom!  Mystery Reader is when a parent appears randomly at some point in the week to read aloud to his/her child’s class.  I love being Mystery Reader, especially for Thing 3.  She’s so used to my not volunteering in the classroom (it’s really not my thing, but I blame it on being busy at work).  So when I do show up, she’s always a pleased as punch.  Last year, though, I blew it and showed up before the teacher had the chance to introduce the Mystery Reader to the class.  This year, I was not going to let that happen again.  So I went in disguise!



Under the bag, I wore this:



I hid around the corner from the classroom, and heard the teacher tell the kids that they were going to have a Mystery Reader, and I popped into the classroom!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen 25 third graders with their mouths hung open like that. Not a sound–only crickets!  Then I took off the bag and the laughter was amazing.  From the kids and the teacher.  And this is the icing on the cake: when the teacher asked “whose mom is this?” more than half the kids guessed THE WRONG MOM!

We had a successful reading, and then Thing 3 and I left school for Starbucks to celebrate the warm 60F weather.  All in all, over a half-mile of walking today, so now I’m a little sore.  But all for a good cause.




  1. Hahahahaha …

    1) I loved that you wore a bag that had a good message on it

    2) The thing I am wondering most….did Thing 3 guess correctly? omg my daughter would have hid if I had done that I think lol. But at the age yours is, she would have loved it too.

    Good going mystery mom!

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