Decisions, decisions

Seems as though I’m suffering a bit from “startitis,” the insatiable need to start (and not necessarily finish) projects.  So although the end is in sight for Solis, I’m eyeing this:

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It’s called Everyday Linen Pullover, from Purlsoho, one of my favorite LYSs in the world.

That I haven’t yet cast on is amazing, but I want to tinker with the pattern a bit.  The look (a raglan baseball jersey) totally appeals to me, especially for summer, but all spring I’ve been seeing some interesting looking sweaters that have had lace bodies and stockinette sleeves.  I was thinking of reversing the look: the stockinette (plain knit) body) but lace sleeves.  Of course, I can’t find my Barbara Walker (which is pissing me off to no end; I’ve got lots of notes and stuff written all over mine…), so yesterday I borrowed another stitch dictionary from our public library, and found a few options:

IMG_1090 IMG_1091


At first I thought I wanted an all-over lace pattern (like the yellow one on the right), but then I saw the one on the left, which sorta reminded me of diamonds (which is subtly fitting for a baseball shirt), which I would center on the sleeve from cuff to where the raglan meets the neck.  The look of the original sweater is slouchy, casual, and I’d like to keep this variation in that vein, so I think I may go with the single lace panel.

The original sweater is knit in a linen; and I’ve got two choices here as well: a linen/viscose blend or cotton.  Both are a gray-mushroomy color from my stash.



The left is the cotton, the right is the linen/viscose.  I like the sheen of the blend, but I think it may be too limp.  The gauge on my keyboard is too large–I went down two needle sizes, and it was still too large for the pattern, and still a bit too drapey for my liking.  The cotton, however, has a nice hand and a crispness to the structure; either lace will have awesome stitch definition.  I’ve knit with this cotton before, and I know it wears well (there’s a twist to the yarn, so it doesn’t pill like some single plies do.  An added bonus: I’ve got one skein of a soft yellow that I could use as a contrast on the cuffs and hem and neckline, which may perk up the dullness of the mushroom-ness of the color a bit.  (a note about the color: I’d like to actually buy new yarn for this sweater, but honestly, I’ve got so much yarn in my stash from when my business partner and I sold our store that in good consciousness, I just can’t.  Plus, I think this neutral will look fabulous with a crisp white pair of jeans or shorts, so I’ll stick with it).

In other news, I logged another 8.5 miles on the trusty Diablo (my bike’s name) this morning. It felt good to get out of bed early, put on my kit and head out the door.  Another chilly morning (37F at the start), and I think my toes got a bit cold, but a good ride.  I also learned why the attractive padded pants are important if I’m going to ride more than one day in a row.  Let’s just say that tomorrow will be a rest day.


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