the verdict

and the CT scan says (dum, dum, dum)…

I’m healing.  I do not have a cartilage tear or osteochondral fracture.  This is good.  No boot.  No cast.  Just (continued) rest.

Which is boring, but I’ll have to comply.  Little steps.  Little steps lead to healthy strides later on.

So, in the meanwhile, I’ll continue to live vicariously through all the running blogs I read.  It’s a big weekend here–Boston on Monday, and later on, across the pond, there’s the VLM.

One of the bloggers I read who is scheduled to run the Virgin London Marathon later this month recently posted on what she’s looking forward to after the marathon.  And another reader added to that.

While I’ve never done a marathon, I’ve done a few halfs and trained rigorously enough for those (well, if rigorous includes beer drinking).  But since I’m not running, I’d like to add two more lists as I wait to heal:

What I miss (not) about running:

  • that first inhale in the bitter cold morning that makes my lungs seize up
  • having the Mister repeatedly ask “are you sure those are the right size?” as I struggle to put on my compression tights
  • peeing in the bushes, hoping no-one sees, because somehow the 4 trips to the bathroom I made before stepping out the door weren’t enough
  • 5:30am wake ups on Sunday
  • wearing a hat because it’s cold, then taking it off, then putting it on again, then taking it off.  Then realizing 2 miles into the run: Ah, man, I wish I had that hat.
  • going to bed earlier than my 8 year old on Saturday nights.
  • anxiety about rotating my shoes–feeling sorry for the ones that haven’t gotten a recent work out, but too superstitious to let the shoes that carried me through a good run rest.

What I miss (truly) about running:

  • knowing that I did more before 9am on Sunday morning than some people will do all day
  • on my regular weekday route, turning east from Ridgewood Ave to Sunset Ave, and watching the sunrise over Manhattan
  • holding conversations with myself, and realizing, I’m pretty damn smart!
  • knowing that if push came to shove, I could actually run the 11 miles from my house to work, even if it took 2 hours.
  • mid-afternoon naps on long, slow run Sunday, and that the Mister clears the house so I can do that.
  • treating myself to a complete bag of salt & vinegar potato chips because I ran 7 miles that day.

Little steps, little steps…


  1. I love your lists. ( Tempted to add number three to my list but would alter it to anything in the bushes,) Do hope you are back running soon, your miss list is great I might do my own after marathon providing I miss anything that is after the 10 days of no running I am planning!

  2. Enforced rest is dull, but worth it in the long run. Your list is spot on and its amazing how runners do seem to share the same highs and lows, anxieties and superstitions regardless of what level we are running at. I am mighty impressed that you go to bed early on a Sat night before your 7 mile run, my willpower at weekends when wine beckons is not so good 🙂
    Keep the faith, and keep blogging I really enjoy your writing

  3. 1) Yahhh on the no cast and no borken anything. That is good news. Not just because of running…but just because nod nods.

    2) List #1 ….that was funny …. the pee in the bushes thing….ack. The waking at 5:30am on a Sunday…even ack-ier!

    3) Your list #3 is marvelous *smiles*

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