Best. Job. Ever.

And I’m being serious.

My job is with a non-profit that serves mariners (both blue water and brown, meaning ocean and inland river), and I manage a program called Christmas at Sea.  Here’s the dog & pony: for 115 years, knitters and crocheters around the country have been making hats and scarves (and vest and socks) that are distributed to mariners working through the holidays.  And yes, I know that not all mariners celebrate Christmas.  But the point of the program is to recognize the hard work and sacrifice mariners make to provide land-dwellers with our cozy standard of living.

Which is the long way to get to my point:  although my program is Christmas at Sea, I collect handknits all year long.  I’ve got over 4,000 knitters around the country that send me their knits (last year over 20,000)  all year long.  During the off season (yes, spring would be the off season), I only open boxes, sort and count and send thank-yous once or twice a week (as opposed to high season, when I get anywhere from 10-30 boxes of knits A DAY).

I LOVE opening boxes of knits.  Even though I know exactly what’s inside.  But today there was a surprise:

Photo on 4-12-13 at 3.36 PM #2

One of my knitters (who always sends a lovely letter with her boxes) included knits for ME!  A headband, scarf and mittens!  Made of a lovely red wool!  She wrote a lovely letter saying how much she appreciated my dedication and hard work, so she knit up this set for me.  I was so touched! I can’t wait to write back to her! (that’s another perk of my job–many of my knitters aren’t online, so I get to practice my penmanship.  I know I could type a thank-you letter, but it seems to me that if someone takes the time to knit me a gift, the least I can do is handwrite a thank-you.)

Tomorrow I’m headed out for a bike ride, and given the sudden drop in temps, I suspect the headband will come in handy.

I’m such a lucky duck!


    • It IS such a kindness to knit for others–and I think especially so with my volunteers, because they do it anonymously. I admire each and every person who sends me something for their selflessness.

  1. 1) That is great work you do nod nods…and I am sure all appreciate the knittings you and others do

    2) Yahhhh for you. That was an incredibly nice surrise indeed.

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