Meet Sparkle:



Sparkle appeared one Easter a while back, when Thing 3 turned 1.  Though it’s hard to tell from the photo, Sparkle is thusly named, as she has silver threads interspersed throughout her plushness.  Sparkle is well-loved, and has traveled broadly (and luckily has always made it home, unlike some other less fortunate loveys).

One of Thing 3’s birthday gifts was a sewing machine.  She and a friend have been playing “designer” recently, and I thought she may appreciate a machine.  I didn’t want to go all overboard on this, given that new hobbies last a New York minute Chez Sato, so I found a nicely priced (less than $30) machine on Amazon that seemed as though it would fit the bill.

It certainly did.  Yesterday, we opened up the box and practiced the different stitches and straight seams.  Today we moved into designing a new dress for Sparkle, making a pattern and then sewing the dress.  That used up all of 30 minutes of our Sunday.


IMG_1152 IMG_1155


Thing 3 did most of this herself.  I helped with the ironing.  I’ve never made a stuffed animal dress pattern before, and once we got it on Sparkle (a bit tough, good thing she’s plush and squishy), we saw that the midriff (do plush animals actually have midriffs?) was too tight, as were the arms.  We are resolved to revamp the pattern and make a dress that fits slightly better.  And one that is softer.  Thing 3 wasn’t thrilled with the texture of the cotton compared to the texture of Sparkle’s body.  Seeing as Sparkle acts as a pillow at night, this dress just doesn’t quite cut it. We may have to find some low pile fleece or flannel.

I foresee a much better dressed Sparkle in days to come.



  1. Ok….at the tender age of (age of Thing 3 in this area) … she sews about 5 bazillion times better than me! Rock on!!!!

    Though I have to admit, I started laughing at the fact that Sparkle has a waistline now. OMG…it is like all of us as we get older! *sighs* … if only I had the squishable qualities that would get me into some of my jeans of yore….

    • i, too, am vaguely jealous of Sparkle–especially her ability to flatten out and squish into small spaces. Oh dear. That makes me sound like i’d like to be a bat. or a cockroach. ugh. But the sewing lesson was a success, and i’m glad Thing 3 is excited abou this hobby. One I can relate to.

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