And I’m back!

So this week I started running again.  A little bit on the down-low.  I didn’t want to announce a comeback if all it did was send me back to my ortho.  And, honestly, after only 3 runs, I’m still not sure I should say anything, lest I jinx myself.

But Tuesday I ran 1 mile on the treadmill.  My intention was to walk, but after a really boring 3 minutes, I gave running a shot.  It was not painful, just a little uncomfortable, so I plugged along, telling myself, no more than a mile.  I followed that up with a 1.9 mile run on Friday.   And it felt slightly better during the run.  The best, though, is that after each run, there was no pain nor discomfort for the rest of the day.  I took this as a sign that I should keep going, but smartly.  So yesterday, instead of running, I met up with my cycle group for an easy 15 miles.  This morning I laced up for my typical 3 miles loop.  It was slow (10:40 min/mile), but it felt good.

I’m determined to stage in this comeback in an “every other day” sorta fashion, because, of course, even though I’ve been dormant for so long, today my right hip and glute decided to revolt a bit.  (leading me to think: WTF with all the stupid strengthening I’ve been religiously doing for so long?!)

But today was a prime example of why I missed running so much.  The ENERGY!  It’s only 3pm my time, and look what I’ve accomplished already:

IMG_1181 IMG_1180

1. Sorbetto.  This is a free pattern from Colette.  A simple tank with bias-tape trim.  I bought, washed and ironed the fabric yesterday and started sewing.  I had a few issues with my sewing machine, so decided to sleep on it, and this morning, after my run, I took apart the machine, and put it pack together, and voila, I had myself a cute little tank top.

2. after that, mason jar salads.  Yep,  these are done.  Thing 2 and I did some veggie shopping yesterday, and now 11 salads are hanging out in my fridge, awaiting their trips to either work or school.  They’re all slightly different, and as I was putting them together, I saw the need to better organize myself in terms of deciding beforehand what kinds of salads to make (chicken caesar, spinach, cobb, etc) before just adding ingredients willy-nilly. But that’s alright.  This week will be our test balloon week, to see how well salads last in these jars, how they taste on Friday, if the jars ever make it home from school (a big issue with Thing 2), if there’s enough dressing, etc.

Tonight we’re taking the fam to Mt. Fuji–a hibachi restaurant on the border of NY/NJ.  It’s for Thing 3 and a few of her friends to celebrate her birthday.  I’m not big on “invite the entire class” parties.  They’re spendy, they’re loud (!), at a place that’s really chaotic, etc.  Instead, I like to do ‘dinner and a movie’ or something a little more low-key with fewer friends (2-4).  Last year was Thing 3’s best party ever.  We went to a Japanese karaoke bar with two other friends, and sang our hearts out for 2 hours.  (Thing 3 and her two friends have a band. This party was a huge hit).

Time for a nap!



  1. I`ve only just discovered today that it`s pretty much true what they say: rest in between runs is soooo important. Delighted you`re back out there again, I know it`s hard being out of it for so long. Your top and salads look fab, btw. Go you!

  2. Yahhh on the back to running. I am sooooooooo excited that you have been biking. Can I talk to you about biking?!?!?!? OMG I am in love with my bicycle.

    As for the mason jar salads…I am STILL WAITING ON A REPORT lol. I have to admit…they look sooooooooo yummers. I mean, I want to come and STEAL one from you. Those two on the left…omg they look awesomely good I was almost making gurgly sounds in my throat. I am HUNGRY for that now.

    Hmm….I am thinking, if they turn out for you I will try it. I want to know on the mixing of it still….but how long does it keep too?

    Heh….you are my guinea pig on this. (Can someone who is finding out such coolness be the guinea pig? Hmmm.)

    Oh … EARLY Happy BIRTHDAY to Thing 3!!!! The singing thing you did last year though…shhhhhhhh. What if my daughter wants to do that? I do not want people to throw things at us. *grins*

    • The mason jar salads continue to be a hit–my 15 yr old takes 2-3 per week for her school lunches, which pleases me to no end. And we have yet to lose a jar!

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