A Review

unlike no others.

So many in the running blogger community somehow get nice presents (shoes!) in the mail, and they promptly review them.  This is not one of those reviews.  (and not just because I don’t get free shoes in the mail.)

Knitters less frequently get free yarn in the mail (must be something to do with the size of the market: running shoe market=HUGE; lace weight yarn market=not so much), but are still verbal about their opinions of various types of yarn.

Here’s my (highly anticipated?) review of…wait for it…Mason Jar Salads!

Ingredients used: (combinations of) romaine, spinach, arugula, chick peas, apples, cheddar cheese in cubes, sweet corn, artichoke hearts, carrots, grape tomatoes, diced peppers of the red, orange and green variety and dressing.  (a viniagrette)

According to Thing 2:

  • it’s good
  • it doesn’t spill
  • it looks cool (according to her posse)
  • easy to eat with a fork without really tipping the jar over

According to the Mister:

  • too much dressing
  • easy to carry in his briefcase to work in the city
  • noone at his work noticed how pretty it was

According to Thing 1:

  • “are there apples in there?”
  • “yes,” I respond.  
  • “then I don’t want it.”

And me:

  • easy to carry
  • very filling.  I supplemented with some crackers and cheese and olives and a plum
  • to get the dressing all over, I held the jar on its side and shook back and forth, then righted it and then shook up and down.  It worked.
  • There’s a fine line between “full” and “stuffed.”  A full jar works.  An overly stuffed jar is almost too much salad.
  • I ate my greens with chopsticks (easier than a fork), and the crunchy veggies with a fork.
  • The Mister was right, I was a little generous with the dressing.

The verdict: PASS!  We will continue with mason jar salads.  Not everyday.  Some days are meant for the food truck (at least where I work).  But most days, this will fit the bill.  And I can see in the winter the mason jars will do a good job holding soup.



  1. COOL!!!! I know hey sell smaller mason jars at one of the markets I go to…but I think it is too small.

    Ok…what about keeping it chilled? The Mr. put it in his brief case???

    This is kind of exciting….omg…I want to try this….

    • I’ve been using quart sized jars–they’re perfect! Both the Mister and I carry in our work bags and put in the work fridge upon arrival. It hasn’t spilled yet in the bags, always a good thing!

      • Ok….quart sized….I know they sell mason jars at the market I go to…but I do not know if it is that large….I will check this week nod nods.

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