All the ligaments in my head

Today was a day of forgetfulness.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with trying to remember everything.  Compounding the issue is the fact that when I plug my phone in to my laptop (both apple products, but the macbook uses outlook and my phone, ical), all my appointments on my phone’s calendar change to 4:00pm.  I can’t even begin to fathom how or why this is happening.

Thing 3 is doing a project on Charles M. Schulz (the creator of Peanuts) for school.  She LOVES this comic strip, although she has actually never seen the strip itself in a newspaper.  Instead she has compilations of the strip in book format. She was fascinated to hear that when I was a kid, everyday I read Peanuts in the newspaper, and then at school we talked about how funny it was.  (Yes, I know this makes me sound as though I was born in the 1950s, but no, I just actually grew up in an area with pre-cable lousy TV reception.)  She remarked: “sorta like commenting on someone’s status update, right?”

Anyway, she’s gotten all her facts down for her timeline, and decided to watch a Peanuts video on the computer.

And I just heard Peppermint Patty exclaim: Why am I so bad in school?  Why can’t I get better grades?  Why are all the ligaments in my head bad?

That is a great question.  Why ARE all the ligaments in my head bad?

I’m going to chalk it up to lack of newspaper comic strips, too many status updates and better TV reception.

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