Flowers flowers


There’s a lot (a LOT!) to criticize New Jersey about, but one thing is for sure, New Jersey certainly knows how to put on a SPRING!  Maybe it was the unending winter, maybe it’s still the coolness in the air (and that we haven’t jumped to 80F yet), but this year’s spring is DELIGHTFUL.

Here’re some shots from this morning’s run:

IMG_1198 IMG_1199


Yep, I’m back to regular running.  This morning was my “long” run of 4 miles.  I’m only going out every other day until I get some of my endurance back, but today’s 4 miles felt pretty good (although at a silly-slow pace).  Anyways, everywhere I looked, there were amazing colors–the pinks from the late blooming cherries, the purples from god only knows what that tree is, the white dogwoods, the red maples, the red azaleas…  Pretty-freakin’-fantastic.

Those florals totally outshine these man-made ones:



The dark mushroom with white & yellow flowers will become Sencha. I think.  Not sure yet.  The brighter floral will either be Scout or another Sorbetto.  Again, not sure yet.  I’ve got to decide something by Tuesday–that’s when I’m taking a sewing tutorial at my LSS (local sewing store).

I’m looking forward to this week.  I’ve already made another set of mason jar salads (a few different varieties for this week).  I’ve got my sewing class, and I’m starting up again with my running coach–it was a drag to miss Bruges, and my Soldier Field 10M has morphed from a flat-out race to a more social training run.  But that’s ok.  Because I’ve got this on my docket now!

And I will be ready!



  1. So nice to see blossom in NJ, usually in Edinburgh there is blossom everywhere by May, but Spring is delayed, and I am missing the hopeful signs of flowering trees. Was interested in your Mason Jar salads in one of your earlier posts – do you just put layers of veg etc in and add a dressing? They look beautiful, but have no idea what sort of combo would work.:)

    • This year it seems so much later than usual. On the other hand, we haven’t catapulted from 50F one day to 80F the next (where it stays until the dog days of summer).

      Re: the mason jar salads–add the dressing first (at the bottom), then layer the veggies on top, with the lettuce last. This week we did spinach salads (dressing, walnuts, dried cranberries, mushrooms, goat cheese, pears and spinach) and an “everything and the kitchen sink” salad (tomatoes, corn, cukes, chick peas, apples peppers, and romaine). They hold up nicely for about 5 days.

      • Thanks – will give it a try, would have thought they would get mushy with the dressing, interesting they last for 5 days &they look tasty. Just had 2 warmish days in Edinburgh ( 20c 68 ? F )and at last the blossom has come out – has been warmer than I like for running, but feel I can never complain about it being too hot to run after this winter 🙂

  2. The salads stayed in the refrigerator for 5 days? Ohhh…ok….definitely have to find a mason jar then nod nods.

    As for the cherry blossom photos….ohhhh….pretty *smiles*

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