Nearly perfect

Yep, today was nearly perfect.

I’m not going to say it was perfect because that’s the point of perfect–it’s impossible to attain. I learned that lesson (the hard way) in college when a professor (after handing back our papers was questioned by a student re: the average grades–Bs and Cs) asked “there were no perfect papers.  A means perfect.”

My nearly perfect day started with a nice 3 mile run with the Mister.  Although I’m still rebounding, for some reason, I had ample energy this morning, and my pace picked up a little. Ok, for those speed demons out there, it still barely qualifies as “running,” but for me, it was faster than my (recently) typical 11+m/m, so I’ll take it.  I think this pace surprised the Mister though, because at one point, I looked to my side, and he wasn’t there.  I turned around, and he was way behind me.

I put on the brakes.  But he waved me on.

It’s nice to run and feel healthy.  It’s also nice to run with the Mister and not be competitive.  He’s a much better runner than I am, but on the rare occasion when we do run together, we’re actually only together for maybe the first 1/2 mile.  Then we split off.  I think it’s an adult version of “parallel play” (when kids too young to play together are put together and each plays his/her own thing, independently, yet together in space and time).

I finished up my 3 miles with a core strengthening workout supplied by my coach.  It was tough.  I’m slim, so sometimes I fool myself into thinking I’ve got a strong core.  That’s not necessarily true, and today’s short core workout proved that point.  I liked this workout because it gave me both the basic exercise, and then as I get stronger there were add-ons to make it more difficult.

As the day progressed, it just kept getting better.  Work today was amazing.  I launched a pattern contest for a new hat for my Christmas at Sea program, and all submissions were due by 4/30.  I was hoping for 7-10 submissions (the time frame was short), and in total, I received 12.  Today, the two other judges (co-worker Jenn and designer Kirsten) came to the port, with a professional photographer, and we narrowed down our choices to 5, then we took those five hats onboard a vessel to solicit opinions from the seafarers that would actually wear the hats.

Let me wax poetic about seafarers for a sec.  I LOVE these guys.  They have incredibly hard jobs and basically get zero recognition, mostly because they’re sort of a hidden workforce.  Regular people just don’t experience ports like we used to, when they were such a major factor in cities.  Over 90% of the products we use in our daily lives come to us via transoceanic cargo vessels, and seafarers are responsible for that safe passage.  Those incredibly HUGE cargo ships (today’s vessel was considered mid-sized at 280m long) have crews of about 20!  They are responsible for maintaining the ship, checking on the cargo (walking the decks to make sure those containers stay coupled, etc).  They are away from home from 9-18 months per contract.  And depending on their routes, they experience awful weather (every time a weatherman says “hey folks, we’re in luck, the storm went out to sea!” I cringe!), and sometimes are even held hostage by pirates.


(done waxing)

Anyways, we climbed an incredibly steep gangway (this is the most terrifying part of ship-visiting for me) with our hats and photographer, and even though this crew was in the middle of off-loading (they berthed at 5am and were scheduled to leave port at 7pm), about a dozen of them took the time to try on all the hats, pose for photos, and give us their opinions.

Upon returning to our office, we selected the finalists and chose the winner.  And then had ourselves a delicious lunch.  I’ll be announcing the contest winner soon (need to wait for the photos), which I’m super excited about.

And we just topped off our day with pork sliders for dinner.  nom nom nom!


  1. Just reading how happy you are sounding makes me smile. I really like hearing about the Mr. and the family all the time …. and that you are running again…wooooowoooo. (omg…but now, what about the bike?)

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