i can’t think of a clever title…


Maybe because my brain is fried.

This morning I ran the Newport 10,000m race in Jersey City (NJ).  I had a 6 mile run on my training docket, but when an ERC club member mentioned they needed a 4th runner for the women’s open team (for our USATF team), I figured why not?

Why not?  Maybe the pouring rain (drops so big you could even see them)? Actually the rain was only present from about 20 minutes before the start through the first 1.5 miles.  Then it stopped (but the humidity picked up–overall a perfect race day!).  Actually, my goal for the event was to see if I could hold myself in check–I’ve got my 10M at the end of the month, and I’m determined to really treat that as a social run, but I tend to get caught up in the excitement of the event and go off too fast.

So my goal was to run about an 11 min/mile.  At mile 3 though, the clock showed 30:12, so I dialed it down a notch, and finished at 1:03 and change (chip time), 1:04:22 (clock time).  I walked two water stops and a bit along the boardwalk, mostly because the boards were slick from the rain and I didn’t want to lose my footing. But honestly, I don’t think I could have gone much faster–my endurance is still a long, long, long way from where it was this winter.

I traveled to the event with 3 running club friends, one of whom (Michael) convinced us to stay for the awards ceremony by claiming we’d have a chance at winning some of the random prizes at the end.  I’m going to go on the record here and state that in my 46 years of life, the number of times I’ve won something through a drawing or lottery could be counted on one hand.  I’m not lucky in that way.  Except for today!



I won a $25 gift card to a local Mexican place!  Woo-hoo!

And even luckier?  As we were making our way back to our car, I was approached by another runner, who asked “Are you Paige?”  I acknowledged that I was, and he introduced himself as Neil from RunningInNJ.  We read each others’ blog!  How ’bout that.  I always marvel when I read other bloggers’ accounts of running into fellow bloggers, and now that’s happened to me!

Of course, I took a selfie of Neil and me!



After returning home, parenting duties called (even though I really wanted a nap). Today was the student art festival in my town, and all three Things were represented.  I really like this art festival, mostly because it gives my kids the non-athletic kids a chance to shine.  Having attended an elementary school and high school where art and music programs were cut across the board, I’m more than a little jealous that my kids get such a comprehensive art program.  And of course I’m biased, but I think they’re rather talented, too.



Here’s Thing 3 with her watercolor.  She says she hates watercolor.  I can understand that. It’s hard to control watercolor.  And she’s all about perfect execution of her own ideas.

IMG_1248 IMG_1250


These are Thing 1’s.  He was fulfilling some volunteer duties, so he wasn’t around to explain the assignment.  I really like the one on the left.

IMG_1254 IMG_1253 IMG_1252 IMG_1251


Here are Thing 2’s.  Let’s just say that ceramics is not her forte.  Her pencil drawing of the  teapot is really 1930’s/art deco-ish.  I love the heaviness it portrays. And I love the faceless girl.  She’s really good at body shapes.  I thought her landscape could be a cute storybook illustration.

The day ended as it started–a huge rain storm swept through town (luckily after the art show, which is en pleine air).  Now, it’s time for a nap!



  1. Paige – this made me laugh as I had abandoned my blogging efforts as had writers block, mostly due to inability to come up with a title ! ( have got into the habit of needing a title to get the rest flowing ). Sounds like a good couple of days and nice to get back into racing after your injury lay off. As ever I enjoy your blog as you pack a lot into your life. Enjoy your Mexican freebie 🙂

    • Titles are so hard sometimes. Mine usually come to me in song lyrics for some reason, but I’ve abandoned so many posts because of a lack of title!

  2. Nice to meet you (if it weren’t for the random prize I probably wouldn’t have spotted you; that and the ERC outfits). I’ve still got to write up my report of the weekend, but I have the title: “An unexpected PR”.

    I managed to pick up a restaurant gift certificate too – happened at the Newport Liberty Half last year too so I must be on a roll.

    • I’ve never stayed for the awards ceremony, so this was a nice treat. Even if my clothing was still damp from both the rain and the run…

      Great meeting you too. I’m sure we’ll see each other at more NJ events!

  3. congratulations on your prize! And your kids` artwork is nice! They did a good job. Art and music programs have been cut here. It frustrates me that those are always the first things to go. That’s good that they have such a good program there.

  4. Ok…that you met a fellow blogger is wayyyyyyyyy too cool.

    *waves to that RunningInNJ person*

    Now the art works…Thing 3 does not like water colour?!?!? And yet she totally ROCKS that painting. Holy Guacamole!!! High-5 to her!

    Thing 1 – volunteer work? Then … WIN!!!!! Good going Paige….just thinking about that makes me feel proud because I KNOW you are proud. Way to go T1

    Thing 2 – The people drawing …. that sounds sooooo hard….but it catches nuances of a person’s … a person’s something. I think it is really good nod nods

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