Dodged a bullet

good thing Mother’s Day was yesterday, because if it were tomorrow, I certainly would have earned a “fail.”

Tonight the Mister had a work obligation.  When the Mister has work obligations that means I’m free to be creative with dinner.  Most of the time, I’ll serve things the Mister doesn’t like, like macaroni and cheese or breakfast for dinner.  That’s when the Mister’s Japanese heritage shines: doing a mash-up of meals and their appropriates times for eating is just. not. his. thing.

The Things were clamoring for mac & cheese.  And I do admit, I make a mean mac & cheese.  I buy spendy cheddar and mix in some others fancy ones that may be lying around.  I make my own roux.  I top it with a proprietary mixture of panko and parmesan (proprietary=a lot of both) and bake it in the oven.

I got home from work, started the water boiling for the macaroni, shredded the cheese and started the roux with the butter and flour.  The water was at a boil, and I looked in the pantry for the macaroni, and voila! There was NONE! And no back-up either: no rigatoni, no shells, no ziti (yes, that is a sin, to be living in NJ and to not have ziti in my pantry).  The only pasta chez Sato? Linguine.  Oh well, let’s just break it into tiny pieces.

Onto the roux.  The butter and flour were thickening, and I went to add the milk.  Voila! Again there was none! Yep, mac & cheese night is usually Tuesday night and the milkman (again, another throw-back NJ phenomena–I have a milkman) makes his delivery Tuesday morning.  So Monday means no milk.  BUT, I do have heavy cream.  That will work.

As I was putting together this monstrosity, Thing 2 happened into the kitchen.  She saw all the ad libbing that was going on, and mentioned “you should really test this first, you know.”

Yes, I do know.  But I won’t.  Let’s get Mikey.

So mac & cheese turned into “linguine and really really thick and creamy and fattening cheese.” I steamed a few twigs of broccoli to ease my consciousness, and stuck a fork in this nightmare otherwise known as dinner.

All three Things pronounced the Franken-dinner “really good” and each took seconds, but I’m still a little skeptical. Good thing this happened on Day 1 of a new Mother’s Day year. Hopefully it will be forgotten by this time next year.

We are not big celebrators of hallmark holidays.  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day?  Really, we should all be respectful of and thankful for all family members everyday.  That being said, I did use the day as an excuse to lie in bed until 9am. I was not asleep however.  Thing 3 decided 6:30am was an appropriate time for gifts.  (In case you were wondering, 6:30am IS NOT an appropriate time for gifts. Just sayin’)

Thing 3 wrote me a lovely poem and presented me with a bottle filled with colored sand. I’m glad she’s 9.  I’m hoping guessing this will be the last bottle of colored sand I get ever. Thing 2 brought me my coffee. Made to my liking.  Thing 1 actually went shopping with his girlfriend, and knowing my penchant for playing around with my family’s initials, got me these:



Little glass balls with our initials.  I’ll find a better way to display these, but I LOVE them.  They sorta match our family mugs:


yep.  our initials spell “strep.”  I lobbied (for a NY minute) for a 4th child that we could name either Oliver or Olivia so that we could be “PRESTO” but the Mister overruled that.

Maybe that’s why he disappears on “linguine and really really thick and creamy and highly fattening cheese” night.  Too much temptation.


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