There is this horrid photo of me from my race on Sunday on Facebook!  I’m grimacing and it looks like I’m barely moving.  I wanted to think it was because I was at mile 5.5 out of 6.2. But no, I think it was more like mile 4.   The even sadder thing is that I saw this photographer from far away, and worked really hard to smile.  Apparently,  I need to try harder.


I know I shouldn’t get wrapped up in race photos–but this one is so BAD! And I have no idea why the photographer decided specifically to post it on my running club’s FB page for the world to see.  Oh well, a dash of humility never did any harm.  But it still sucks.

So I needed a little pick-me-up to counteract the horrid photography.  Lucky for me, a package came in todays mail!



my new sASSy running skirt!  Granted, I’m not moving in it, but it did me a world of good.

My evening only got better–when I went to our club run at my LRS, there was a surprise awaiting:

Rebound Racer Bra by Moving Comfort? - Ocean Heather/Fiesta movingcomfort1


No, the ladies are not the surprise.  The surprise is: my bras had arrived!  A few weeks ago, I attended a “Diva Night” at my LRS, and wouldn’t  you know it, I won the raffle–a free Moving Comfort sports bra!  Yes, I am now thinking I need to play the lottery–a gift card and now a sports bra!

For the raffle prize, I got the bra on the left (rebound racer), and then picked up an extra (the one on the right), just in case.  This was a good thing–you see, I had misplaced my running bra sometime in early March, and it hasn’t turned up yet.  Now that I’ve actually dropped some coin on a new one, I know the old one will reappear.  Because that’s how my life works.

So, here’s to hoping that in my next race, the sports bra and sASSy skirt will lead to better photos!




  1. Love your skirt! I have the same one but it looks much cuter on you since I have very short legs and you do not!

    Also, as a microbiologist, I love that your family’s initials spell strep!

    • i actually was running behind a woman in the 10k race (that resulted in the ugly photo) who was wearing one–she looked so adorable, i was sold. She was rather petite, so I think it suits a variety of body types.

  2. Photo 1 – Running pants….they look like biking shorts…just a tad longer.

    Photo 2 – OMG…not only does the skirt look mega cute…you look TOTALLY hot in them. Nice though. Win!

    Photo 3 and 4…or ad 3 and 4 … the one on the right looks sooooo much more comfortable. *smiles*

    • the running pants are compression and really help with my hip issues. skirt is UBER-cute. may have to troll ebay for another. the thin strap bra is definitely more comfy

  3. I`d settle for looking like you anyday. You`ve got a terrific figure. And my, you can really rock that racing skirt.
    Gotta absolutely hate facebook though. And people who think its ok to throw your pic up there for all the world to see,

    • I LOVE the racing skirt. I HATE that random photos of myself can show up on FB. Like FB for the connection to my far-flung family, but am growing weary of the complainers and sanctimoms.

  4. In all my years of running I have never ever had a photo taken that looked half way ok – I always look like I’m about 100 and about to die! I didn’t think you looked that bad (but then I’ve never seen you in real life!!) – I thought you looked very tall and slim ….something I would love to look, but when you’re only 5’4″ it’s never going to happen!!! Just think, the rest of the runners probably looked way worse!!!

    • i think everyone is super-critical of their own photos–but in my head, i have this vision of a young woman prancing gazelle-like through the streets, and this photo shows that this is NOT me!

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