Decisions, decisions

Slowly but surely I’m making progress on my Sencha.  I have to say that while I do love sewing because the project results in something wearable relatively quickly (as compared to knitting), it is a huge PITA to drag the sewing machine, ironing board, iron, and all the other tools out for only a few hours.  I totally understand the need for a sewing room!

Sencha has required quite a few decisions, first being, what color Converse should I get?


Friday, my coworker and I headed over to the LCS (local Converse store?) where I had my choice of two: gun metal gray (with the dark grommets) or low profile charcoal (with the silver grommets). While my coworker thought the low profile charcoal pair matched better, I liked the gun metal gray pair better (as evidenced by my pointing finger) because of its slightly off-white toe and narrower tongue.   We texted yet another coworker for her opinion.  She agreed with my assessment.

I am a Converse fanatic.  They are my sneaker of choice.  I wanted a pair to match Sencha for an outfit I have planned in my head that also involves sunshine yellow linen sailor pants.  I have my 25th college reunion coming up in June–I will wear this outfit to our class dinner. Yes, I do plan my outfits weeks in advance. Doesn’t everyone?

The decisions didn’t end with the converse.  Onto the buttons:


I’ve got two different buttons here, right side and wrong side.  Yeah, sometimes I use the wrong side of the buttons–it’s allowed, you know, because when you buy buttons, you do buy both sides, the front and the back.  The top two are a bright mother of pearl.  The bottom two are less shiny.  The 4th button is the right side of the 3rd button.  I think I’m going to go with the third button–it’s a good match of the yellow, without being too bright.  I’m not so worried about not using the brighter buttons.  I’ll find a project for them.

Although I have the right buttons, I’ve decided to not make button holes, and instead use snaps as the closure, and add buttons just for decoration.  I can’t believe that I’m ad-libbing so wildly on my 4th project.  But I am.

Project 5 will not be clothing; instead a wallet.  But that also involves some decisions, as in which fabric for the outside, which for the inside:



I’m leaning towards the darker steel gray for the outside (it will show less grime) and the yellow on the inside.

Here’s the wallet:



I’ll start this next week.  Because I already put away the machine.  Project 6?  That will be my sewing room.




  1. I love Converse. My favorite pair is my black leather ones. I need a new pair because I’ve worn a hole in the toe from wearing them so much.

    • I think my faves are a black/white wool herringbone pattern. they were a limited edition, and they’re falling apart, but I love them. I thought the herringbone made them “dressy.”

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