It’s a little cray-cray (the weather that is)

Two days ago, I could barely breathe on my run–hot and humid at 6am.

Yesterday, my Thursday night run was amidst sprinkles, but still sporting my cute little skirt and a tank top.  Humidity high.  Temps in the 80s.

All three Things had flung their bed comforters to the floor.  And were insisting on switching over from flannel to percale sheets.

And now its 48F, the heat has kicked on in the house (windows were left open during the day), and we’re bundled in blankets and wool sweaters.  I’m guessing said comforters will be back on their respective beds.

Welcome to Memorial Day weekend?

One comment

  1. Right now we are sort of ‘normal’ here….normal being a bit overcast and in the 50-60 range. But earlier it was cold….hot…cold. I am sure tomorrow will be hot and humid. The weather is just kinda freaky everywhere I think. This inspires me to do a blog post about the weather haha.

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