Remember when

summer was lackadaisical?  Eating breakfast on the deck? Hanging out at the pool? Pick up games of kick-the-can? Popsicle juice running down your arm?

Where did that all go?

Oh, that’s right. It followed childhood into oblivion.

Here in North Jersey, after a slow start to summer on its opening weekend, we are now full steam ahead, with temps in the 90s!  This is taking me some getting used to.  I am not a heat and humidity girl.

I’ve got some help to keep me on track. I’m participating in both Dirt in Your Skirt (running 100 miles between Memorial Day and Labor Day) and my 2nd Juneathon!  I love Juneathon, probably even more than DIYS, because it’s a “festival” which implies  fun and frivolity rather than a “challenge” which implies pain and frustration.

So, I’ve been tracking miles since Monday for DIYS: I’m at 13 miles (87 to go).  For Juneathon, though, I mixed it up today: 15 miles of cycling and 250 yards of lap swimming.

Cycling? Swimming?  What could that mean?  Yep, I’m in big now for the Jersey Girl Tri, so this Juneathon will be an experiment in adding more swimming and cycling to the running mix.  We’ll see how that goes. Especially with my really intense travel schedule over the next four weeks.  I’ll tell you today, the swimming was sorta tough.  Especially since all the bathing suits I own are more of a “lie next to the pool and don’t even think of getting wet” variety.  So I looked rather sporty in my Hello Kitty goggles (thank you, Thing 3) and retro boy-short bikini.

Tomorrow I’ve got a 10k.  I’m actually not so eager about this, but I’m tired of my 2013 trend of signing up for races and not showing.  So I’ll be out there, in this wicked heat, plodding along.



  1. Yahhhh…I was thinking of doing a tri too … but the running part is my downfall. There is a Sprint Tri here I want to do. It short … 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride, 5K run. Yesterday I tested myself…

    Swim = 15 minutes
    Bike = 42 minutes

    I did not do the run part. I also did not time how long it would take to transition from swimming to biking … perhaps 5 minutes?!?!? I have no idea.

    You sound like you are doing beyond awesome though. And it sounds like your injury is totally healed?

    • the swimming is so much harder than I remember! and I have no idea even how to begin to transition–the tri I’m doing though is rather non-competitive, just a good time. So a nice one to cut my teeth, i think.

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