A blast from the past

remember these:


Yep!  An honest-to-goodness polaroid picture!  This afternoon The Mister, Thing 3 and I were at my friends’ home, and another guest had two circa 1970s Polaroid cameras, one that shot black and white film, the other color.  Needless to say, we had a blast with this! (in the photo are me, Allen–one of my relay teammates, and The Mister).

Notice how I’m crouching to be in the photo?  Well, it seems as though that may become more of a habit, because while I was at my doctor’s last week for my yearly physical, the nurse noted, as she measured me, that I was .5″ taller.  I was 5’11” in high school, and my wicked good adult posture pushed that down to 5′ 10.5″ more recently.  Seems I crested to 5′ 11.5″.  Still trying to figure that out. And yes, I was barefoot because I was standing on the scale.  Which is still 5 lbs off.

The party was held a bit after the 10k.  Although it was a local race, I was up at 5:30am for it.  And then I spent a bunch of time twiddling my thumbs, knitting, eating bananas, and praying that the heat would top out at 85F.

This race was tough.  Last year it was not quite as hot, and although I was coming off my first stress fracture, I set my PR (automatic, as it was my first 10k) at 59:34.  I knew I couldn’t beat that this year, and my goal was to just get through the heat.  Honestly, I barely did that.  The first 5k were good: my Runmeter app told me I was in the high 28s.  But it’s just about at that 3 mile mark that the course gets a bit tedious and sunny (running through a park).  I started walking the water stops (and dumping water on my head).  And  by mile 4, I also started walking between water stops.  Some of the neighbors were kind enough to turn on their garden hoses, which helped so much.  But my energy was lagging and my legs just couldn’t move.  Maybe it was the 15 mile bike ride and swim from Saturday?  Maybe the heat?  Maybe the uninspired course?  Who knows.  I just wanted to get home at that point.

Lest I sound like a negative Nellie, there were plenty of positives about the race.  First, since it’s local, I got to see TONS of folks I know.  Some in my running club, some from my relay team, others from the neighborhood.  It’s always nice to be part of a larger community like that.

Second, I finished the race feeling good. See how I’m smiling?

Montclair10k_1 montclair10k_2

(and I’m smiling not just because I was able to sprint past the guy on my right. Also, nb, I’m wet from running through garden hoses.  i don’t sweat that much.). I was able to run strongly through the last 200 meters (usually I peter out by then), and I felt good enough afterwards to walk the mile and a half home (making a pit stop for iced coffee along the way).

Not that it was all pain-free.  This race was also my initiation into the world of bloody toes.  I felt a pinch in my left shoe about 1.5 miles in.  Eventually, I let myself be consumed with disgruntlement about the heat, so I ignored that.  But when I finished and was waiting in line for a free massage, I glanced at my shoe:


Off came the shoe.  The sock worried me a bit:


And then the foot:


Not sure what was going on.  No blisters.  A pin-prick on my middle toe seems to be the culprit.  All is good now.

So, Juneathon Day 2 is now complete:

  • Day 2 miles: 6.2
  • Total Juneathon running miles: 6.2
  • total Juneathon biking miles 15
  • total Juneathon swimming yards: 250
  • total Juneathon bloody toes: 1
  • # of inches gained since Juneathon 2012: .5″


  1. I simply could not run in that heat. And I certainly wouldn`t look as good as you do either way. Dammit, you even look good on polaroid. Congrats on the 10k.

  2. […] Not even by a desperate sextuagenarian. In fact, I am very sure that even if I looked as good as paigesato (in a Polaroid shot, fergawdsakes), I still wouldn`t impress anyone at six min per mile. I`d look hot, sure. But in all the wrong […]

  3. Good for you getting through the 10k in the heat, and I liked your honest account of the race. I really struggle in hot weather, but as I live and race in Scotland it is rarely a problem 🙂

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