Finding Nemo

This third day of Juneathon found Thing 3 and I at her doctor’s for her annual check up.  Thing 3 has a busy summer–she’s attending two different sleepover camps (for a total of 4 weeks)–and her medical forms are due ASAP!

We love visiting our family doctor, mostly because of Stanley.

IMG_1432 IMG_1434 IMG_1438


We’ve been going to this doctor for nearly 14 years.  Stanley’s been there all along.  Last year, though, Stanley’s tank was empty, and the affixed note read: “Stanley is sick and is visiting the fish doctor.”  I never even conceived of the idea that fish would have vets.  Then again, Stanley is too large to flush.

Watching Stanley swim, and thinking about swimming, is just about all the Juneathon activity I had following my busy weekend. But, per my PT’s orders, I did do my typical hip/glute workout:

  • 100 clams (both sides)
  • 25 kettlebell squats
  • 25 hamstring curls with the swiss ball
  • 20 front lunges each side
  • 30 hip hikes
  • 20 bird dogs

and I topped it off with a bunch of foam-rolling.

Todays Juneathon miles: 0

Total Juneathon miles/running: 6

Total Juneathon miles/biking: 15

Total Juneathon yards/swimming: 350

Total Juneathon yards swimming for Stanley: countless


  1. Caught up reading you this morning & laughed aloud on this post… before reading stuff, I sometimes “skim” thru. When I saw “100 clams” on that list, my first thought was “oh my God, she ate 100 clams? I know they are small & really tasty, but geez…” Good thing I went back & really read the post, or I’d have gotten the wrong idea about you 😉 …of course, I saw your waist photo of Day 4, which set me straight as well. Excellent Juneathon effort thus far!

  2. Correction: I “saw” (not “say”) your waist photo… oy, need more coffee before I type in the morning. Please correct that for me? (if abradypus sees this, she may grin… she’s a fellow wordie, me thinks)

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