Waist not, want not

One thing I’m good at is offering advice.

So, my advice for Juneathon Day 4: when you find something that works, stick with it.



You could call me a gear fanatic, but at the same time I’m a cheapskate, so I hate parting with my pretty pennies for stuff I’m afraid just won’t work.  Anyway, I’ve been searching high and low for something, anything, to put my stuff in while I run.  My stuff consists of my phone, maybe a chomp or two, sometimes a credit card or cash, and often a key.  Here are my rules for storage: 1. no sweaty money.  2. no more using a screwdriver to pry the case off my phone.  and 3. no more stupid things on my arms. I’m not that coordinated, and I tend to get all tangled up.  Not a pretty sight.

I thought maybe some sort of belt would work, but I have a small waist and wider hips, and all the belts I saw looked as though I would secure them around my hips and they would move up to my waist and jiggle around.  That’s a no-go for me.  Then I saw this Flip Belt last year, and thought it might fit the bill.  But I waited, and made do with the stupid arm band (and screwdriver) for the phone, sweaty money in whatever teeny pocket I had in my shorts/skirt/capris (and really, a 1.5″ square piece of fabric should never be called a “pocket.” complete misnomer), key tied around my laces, and chomp somehow stashed in either my bra strap or waist band of my shorts.  An excellent look.

Last week, during our brief and unpleasant heat & humidity wave, I was mostly hating the  arm band.  And the sweaty money.  So I bit the bullet and clicked “buy” for the Flip Belt.  I’ve used it twice now.  Once in supreme heat (Sunday’s 10k) and this morning, a much cooler and pleasant 6 miles.

The verdict? LOVE it!  Problem solved!  My biggest fear?  It would move. And it doesn’t.  And my phone fits (without the need of a screwdriver).  And the chomps. and my key. and my money (which on Sunday got wet, but not sweaty.  There’s a difference, you know.)

I guess I need to say that I’m not at all sponsored by this company.  So this is my own opinion.  And it’s a strong one.

But I’m pleased I found this, and will complete my Juneathon in style with my phone, chomps, keys and dry money (minus the $24 it cost for the belt).

Juneathon totals:

  • Day 4 miles: 6
  • total juneathon miles: 12




  1. I’m going to try this belt. I hate armbands and I never seem to have a good place to store my inhaler. This seems like it might work.

    • I really like the belt today. Today I wore some spandex capris, though, and it slipped a little, until I figured out that by putting the belt over my shirt (which is less slick than the spandex), it would stay put. otherwise, so easy to use!

  2. Very cool! I don’t mind my spibelt if there isn’t too much in it, but a phone definitely makes it bounce. I was running a race recently and I heard this jingling noise around me; a woman in front of me had so much stuff in her spibelt (it sounded like a ton of pennies!) that it was bouncing and flipping back and forth and hitting her in the back! I have no idea what she was carrying, but I don’t know how she ran 13 miles with that thing smacking her…she definitely could use a flip belt!

    • so far i’ve only carried my phone (and not having to take it out of its case is a big plus), a Gu chomp, keys, license and credit card and rolled up money. nothing moved.

  3. That is totally cool! I just went to the flip belt site after reading this to check it out. Since I mostly bike, I can carry my stuff in my seat pak … but if I am going to train for a tri, then I have to train for running…and it had not occurred to me how to carry things (keys, little mpg player, an id) … this looks to be a good way! NICE.

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