My inner hoarder

doesn’t quite know what to do with these:



(not the peels, it’s the pit I’m talking about).  I’m on an avocado-eating binge.  Mostly because I “liked” Amazing Avocados from Mexico on Facebook.  (lest you think I’m some health nut, I’m not.  I also “liked” Jeni’s ice cream, which is the best ice cream in the world, made in Columbus Ohio, but available nationwide via fedex).

The Avocado people were doing a good job with their social media–clever updates, etc.  And one amazing recipe idea: add a chopped avocado to your canned tuna, along with chopped walnuts.  Add mayo, salt and pepper, and voila–a great lunch.  I went a little rogue and added craisins (dried cranberries) for some extra flavor.


My mason jar salad lunches are nice, but leave me incredibly a bit hungry, especially as I’ve been ramping up my mileage.  I’m trying to be smarter about my nutrition, and have found avocados to be really filling and tasty.  As a result, I’ve got a bunch of these pits sitting around.  They’re a little too hefty to so easily toss into the garbage.  But I have no intention of starting an avocado farm, so I’m at a loss.  I remember as a child seeing them stuck with toothpicks, sitting half-submerged in a cup of water.  I’m not sure what that accomplished.  Anyway, I now have a growing collection of avocado pits on my countertop, and for the life of my, I can’t think of anything I can use them for.

The more filling lunches have given me more energy.  Today was my first “run two days in a row” since regrouping after my injury.  And aside from the typical stupid hip crap, I had ample energy (which I may also attribute to the beautiful weather we’ve been having).  I finished up my four miles, and felt like I could do at least another 4.  Yeah for avocados, despite their unthrowawayable pits!

Juneathon stats:

  • Today’s miles: 4
  • Total Juneathon miles: 16
  • # of avocado pits on my counter: 3 and counting

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