Rain rain

go away…

but it won’t. I’ve just got to accept that tomorrow’s reunion trail 5k will be run in a hurricane. at least we’ll be under the cover of a trail. as opposed to running in the wide open expanse of streets.

Today’s Juneathon exercise consisted of driving my mini 402 miles from my home in NJ to my college in Maine (Colby College, Waterville, Maine).  I count driving the mini as exercise because it’s a standard transmission, which requires lots of shifting.  I’m not complaining.  The Mister thinks it’s stupid we bought a car with a manual transmission in NJ, as we rarely get out of first gear.  Going up to Maine, even amidst the squall, I really got to open the car up.  It felt good. In addition to transmission shifting, once at school, I got a fair amount of walking done trying to find the dormitory in which my class is ensconced (the campus has grown in 25 years) and also finding the registration area (yet another new building).  

Once happily situated in my dormitory, I found classmates and hockey teammates (ice hockey, por favor), and we headed down to town to our fave pub for pizza and beer.  Carb loading for the 5k at its finest.

Tomorrow, a full race recap.

Tonight: a recap of yesterday’s journey into NYC.

Part of the frustration of travel in the NY metro area is the lack of infrastructure.  Voila: the Holland Tunnel:



Note: 9 lanes of traffic at the toll.  At 10am (long after rush hour), this still takes about 20 minutes to negotiate.



After the 9 toll lanes, you squeeze down into 2 tunnel lanes.  This is just awesome.  I wonder who engineered this?  That person should be shot.  Note, this moved rather smoothly because there was no rain, no snow, no excessive heat, no excessive cold, barely a cloud in the sky, and little threat of terrorism.

Once in NY, I was teased by the site of:



The new citibike program.  I’m so jealous of this!

Our event was held at Chelsea Piers, Pier 60.  I think this is where the Titanic was supposed to dock.  There are lots of archival photos of other cruise ships–some pointedly laughing in the face of my Juneathon efforts:

IMG_1452 IMG_1453


I think I need that lady’s hat.

Our event is a two-parter, with an industry forum in the afternoon, followed by a fancy sit-down dinner.  Since I knew the weather in Maine would be crap, I wore the outfit I was planning on wearing at my reunion class dinner Saturday night to the forum (I changed into a skirt/top for the fancy dinner)  The shirt is my sencha, with linen sailor trousers and my matching converse.



Well, I’ll save it for the next reunion in 5 years.


One comment

  1. I drive stick shift too. So relieved to know it`s part of Juneathon exercise. I wish some of those rules weren`t written in invisible font. But at least they`re there.
    Reunions are exciting.Hope you enjoyed yours!

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