I missed a day of blogging (but not exercise!).  For shame! But I have the best of excuses–reunion weekend! And I did tweet and post to FB, if that counts.

Reunion weekend was a blast!  It was my 25th (!), and although the weather didn’t cooperate until late Saturday, and Sunday, I would say a good time was had by all.

Friday night started typical class of ’88 style with a reception (free beer and wine) in our dormitory.  (at my college, each class is assigned a dormitory, and you can stay there, instead of at a local hotel–makes things much easier).



Saturday morning, I awoke to no rain, which was a good sign.  But the skies opened up on our way to the arboretum (where the race was to be held), so we got fairly drenched even before the race started.

IMG_1460 IMG_1463

Here I am with my friend Leah (right) and her partner, Grace (middle).  It was Grace’s first 5k!  And here I am modeling the shirts.  The Blue Light refers to the blue light in our library tower that can be seen for miles and miles around.  I like this race shirt because there were no sponsors on the back. Finally, a pretty nice shirt.


The trail looped the arboretum 1.5 times, then we were out in the open for about 3/4 of a mile.  It felt much longer than that.  Again, the rain was relentless.  And boy, was it soggy.

IMG_1466 IMG_1467

See that mud puddle?  By this point, my feet were soaking, so I just went right through it. I wish I had known how deep it was–almost mid calf!  All in all, given the hilly course, heavy rain, and slick trail, I finished in 32:58 (around there–no chips, just a clock, and that’s what the time said when I crossed the finish line).



Here’s a group shot of the class of ’88 finishers!

After cleaning up, we went to the field house for the Reunion Gift presentations (each reunion class tries to raise money for the college’s annual fund).  My class raised in cash: $204,000 (and change), and the total gift (including annuities, endowment pledges, etc.) was over $4 million. I think we were 4th highest of all the reunion classes (we are there with the class years ending in 3s and 8s).

My friends and ice hockey teammates and I then checked out our old locker room.(I was the goalie–the other two were my defensemen.


and rink (set up for a dinner):

IMG_1486 IMG_1487 IMG_1488


We capped off the afternoon with a lobster bake, and then separated for lectures, tours, etc.  Today was a repeat of the long drive home.

However, I did get in some Juneathon miles: 3  (for the 5k) and 3 on Sunday!

Next week promises to be super busy again, as I’m off to participate in the Ragnar relay in Ontario, Canada!





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