Commuting counts?


Especially when running late?



This is the escalator at the World Trade Center stop on the PATH (=Port Authority Trans Hudson) train.  In the morning I sprinted up it.  In the afternoon, I sprinted down.  I wanted to take a video in the morning (since I’m going back into the city tomorrow, maybe I’ll have a chance).  I’m not sure if this is an American thing, NY thing, or universal for commuters, but on escalators, the standers stay to the right, the run-uppers run up on the left.  In the morning, several hundred thousand people use this station, so you can image the organized chaos.  It’s sorta fascinating to watch, and I’d love to see it filmed in a time-release format.

I will also add that I’m much better at climbing onto escalators from the bottom than getting on from the top.  When I was 3, my mother took me to the Hudson’s department store in Detroit, Michigan, where my father was a manager.  We were getting onto the escalator to ride to my dad’s office. I was wearing a dress with a sash, and yep, you can see this coming…I bent my knees to leap onto the escalator stairs and my untied sash got chewed up in the stairs.  It was one of those old wooden escalators.  This caused the escalator to grind quickly to a halt, sending several people tumbling, and of course, pulling me into the stairs.  Needless to say, quite a hullabaloo.  I was not invited back to see my father at work until I was nearly 10 and he worked in building that had no escalator.  To this day, I hesitate, right foot moving back and forth (get on? not yet! get on? not yet! get on? not yet!) before I’m confident enough to take that step.  The uber fast NYC escalators don’t help the situation at all.

As a treat for successfully navigating today’s escalator-laden commute, I helped myself to:



one (not all three, only one! Honest!) Hello Kitty eskimo pie!  Eskimo pies rule. And so does Kitty-chan, so this made me particularly happy!

Juneathon totals:

  • today’s miles: 0
  • total Juneathon miles: 34
  • total # of escalator rides without incident: 2 (sprinting, nonetheless)



    • Funny how all of a sudden certain words make appearances. After writing that post, my 17 yr old son came home (early) from a meet up with friends. “Why home so early?” I asked. “Too much of a hullabaloo about where to go next.” He said

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