My little town has several great traditions.  Pancake breakfast in March (yes, the entire town turns out to eat pancakes made the parents of the band kids.  the band kids serve).  A Memorial Day parade featuring The Lawn Mower Brigade (well, until the town told said Brigade that it was a bit disrespectful to have them push lawnmowers in the Memorial Day parade). And the graduation signs.

In June, front lawns across town are littered with signs announcing the impending graduation of the senior living in that house.  Sometimes there are two lawn signs (twins).  But today I found this:



When I first saw these signs 15 years ago, I thought it was fantastic–why not announce your child’s graduation to the world?  Now, when I’m in a cynical mood, I think of them as pity-catchers (similar to dream catchers, but sorta the opposite)–“Look world, look at the amount of college tuition I’ll be paying for the next 4 years!” Some families leave the signs up all summer, graduation long past.  I think that’s so any door-to-door salespeople or missionaries or fundraisers know not to bother them.  They’re busy dealing with tuition.

Even funnier are the homes with “Congratulations” signs on one side of the lawn and “For Sale” signs on the other.

Juneathon stats:

  • Today’s run: 4.29 miles.
  • Juneathon total: 34.
  • Number of congratulations signs: too many too count, but less than 130 because our high school is small.
  • Number of homes with triplets (or multiple siblings that have repeated too many grades): 1




    1. Until fairly recently, it was unique in our area as well, but now I see more and more high schools joining in. Always a good thing to laud something so happy!

  1. I think I mostly like this tradition, although you do probably need a big house with a lawn to do it justice. I guess it is nice for parents to acknowledge the milestone, as we have our own challenges to face as our children flee the nest. Anyway , I really enjoy reading your posts is great to have a window into a different world. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I agree–the nicer the lawn, the nicer the presentation. Some of the homes here have huge hedges around their front lawns, so the signs are relegated to in front of the garage, which I think is such a shame.

    1. I’ve always wondered how the kids feel, but the tradition is so long-standing, I’m wondering if it’s worse not to purchase the sign (they’re sold as a fundraiser for the graduating class’ after-graduation party).

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