Shuffle off to


Ragnar Relay, here I come! 

Here’s what I’m bringing:

2 pr of shoes, and 3 outfits.  I think this is the first weekend getaway where I’m not packing makeup and a hair dryer and debating between flats and heels.  Instead, I’ve got Gu Chomps, tons of advil, a blinking reflective vest and 2 headlamps.

Initially I was scheduled to run the easiest legs as I’m coming off the injury: 5.7, 2.9 and 3.2 miles (starting in position #4).  But Tommy, our team captain, is having some achilles issues, so he asked me to switch out with him.  He’s position #5: 5.3, 3.8 and 9.7 miles.  The 9.7 is worrying me a bit, but he told me as long as I could get between 5 & 6 done on the last leg, they could sub someone else in.

Tommy puts together some pretty competitive teams (he’s got a deep bench including some former olympic runners), but he’s reassured me this particular race is purely social.  Which is good, because my runs of late have been slower than average for me as I work through the hip/hammy/stress fracture stuff.  I feel as though I’ve gotten my endurance back, but the pace is still lagging.

That was, until today.  Monday I had a follow up visit with my orthopedist re: the stress fracture.  And I mentioned how my front hip flexor was bothering me.  He found the trigger point immediately, and after peeling me off the ceiling, did a little ART on it, and voila! Right as rain!

Today was my first run after that, and boy, that little bit of ART, plus a week of more thoughtful nutrition, made a world of difference.  6.6 miles at a 10:03 pace.  If it hadn’t been time to go to work, I think I could have kept on going for at least 3-4 more miles.  It felt so good!

Juneathon stats:

  • today’s miles: 6.6
  • total Juneathon miles: 40
  • # of bags going to Canada: 1 duffle
  • # of times I’ve only packed 1 bag for 3 day trip: 1 (this one)



  1. If you have the chance to actually go to Buffalo, I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorite places in the world! Have fun!

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