and more trains…

I’m swearing off of public transportation for awhile (well, not really, as my work life depends on it, but for at least another day or two). This morning’s commute, while better than last Thursday’s, was icky, and then this evening, as I headed back into the city for a dance performance, we were delayed considerably.  Yet another train derailment.  Makes me wonder where the conductors took drivers ed.


that ‘stand by’ sign is never a good omen.

The dance performance was awesome.  I’m lucky to have a good friend who is very familiar with writers, producers, performers, etc.  He is a fan of Travis Wall, and that’s who we went to see.  I’m not so astute when it comes to dance, but I really appreciate the athleticism involved.  It was fantastic!


The performance was at the Beacon Theater, which I had never been to before.  Inside was just beautiful:

IMG_1562 IMG_1564

This capped off my Juneathon Day 17–which started with a 3 mile run (recovery, of course).

Juneathon stats:

  • today’s miles: 3
  • total miles: 57
  • # of dance performances: 1
  • # of train delays: 3


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