Lord, what’s a cubit?

Boy, when it rains, it pours.  Especially when it’s time to pick up children from school.



(these are the back steps to Thing 3’s school.  After nearly 7 years of picking children up at this school, I’ve never seen water run down the steps like that. Needless to say, I sent Thing 2 on that errand today.)

But the morning was beautiful, allowing me a slow but good 6 mile run with 6×15 sec strides.

My legs are still tired after the Ragnar.  But here’s the $64,000 question: after a weekend of constant movement, ins and outs of a crowded van every 3-10 miles for 27 hours, climbing over seats (embarrassed to admit that–i’m too old to climb over van seats), running 14 miles in three different shifts, sleeping all huddled up on duffle bags, eating poorly…WHY DID MY HIP/HAMMY NOT HURT?  At all?!  In fact, coming home on Sunday, I think that whole right hip/hammy side of my body hadn’t felt that good in, hmmm, a year.  I thought maybe all the exercise had licked the problem.

And Monday, back to the office, and the twinges and niggles started all over again. Sitting on the (delayed!) train was achy. Swinging my right leg out of the car sends a screaming shot of pain down the back of my thigh. My desk chair, a Herman Miller Aeron chair nevertheless, puts my hip to sleep.  WTF?

I’m thinking I need a less sedentary lifestyle.  Maybe I just need to get myself some cubits and pairs of animals…

Juneathon stats:

  • today’s mileage: 6
  • total june mileage: 63
  • actual june rainfall in Essex County, NJ from 6/1-6/17 : 8.8″
  • average total rainfall for the entire month of June of any year: 1.8″ (i’m feeling good about this last stat: at least it’s not all in my head).
  • # of arks being contemplated at this point: at least 1


  1. Your weather sounds like the uk’s one this spring being the wettest coldest in 25 yrs. here’s hoping both our summers are better

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