And the winner is…

Yes, it does count!

Although knitting may be more calorie-burning.

But let’s suffice it to say that yesterday was a day of complete rest. No knitting of any kind chez Sato.

Which meant this morning’s run sorta kicked some serious butt.  At least for me.  6 miles at a 9:55 min/mile pace. Miles 2-4 were about 9:30-9:50 pace, and it felt so good that even for my sixth mile, I picked it up a bit for 9:24 pace.

I know many consider this glacial.  But after months of 10:50-11:30 paces, it feels good to see those numbers click downward, even at this slow rate.

Yesterday the WSJ had an article about waving and/or nodding at fellow runners/cyclists when you’re out and about.  The consensus is that most of us do, most of the time.  I know we do in my town.  I’m out before 6am and I tend to see the same folks day in and day out.  I think I wave/nod at everyone, and then the people I know by name (those in my running club, for example) we actually yell out our greetings.

Last year though, when traveling for work in Indianapolis, no one was inclined to wave/nod or even smile at oncoming runners.  Maybe because it was so hot (I was there during the 100F+ heatwave, and those were early morning temps). When I was out in Long Beach, CA, the people were almost too chatty and wavy.  Again, I’m going to chalk it up to the wicked beautiful weather they’re sadly subjected to day in and day out.

Tomorrow I’m off to Columbus for work.  It’s my 3rd weekend away from home, and if it weren’t for the promise of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, I might have balked on this trip.  But that salted caramel ice cream is calling my name, and I’m powerless in its grip.  I’ve been going to Columbus for this trip since 2005, so I have my routine down pat. My plane arrives at 10:40am. It’s about a 15 minute ride from the airport to the hotel. It will be too early to check in, so I’ll check my bag with the bellhop and hoof it on over to Jeni’s for the first of probably 8 trips (over 4 days).  I’m lucky the convention center and hotel are so convenient to the farmer’s market (where Jeni’s stand is). The other flavors I will get are Queen City Cayenne (a dark chocolate with cayenne pepper) and Lemon Blueberry sorbet, and, get this, Goat Cheese and Cherry, Brambleberry Crisp, and Brown Butter Almond Brittle.  Not necessarily in that order.

Good thing the hotel has a gym (for the more boring kind of cross training that is neither knitting nor sex), and I was able to dig out of my Map My Run app the 9 mile loop from the hotel around Ohio State that I created last year.

Juneathon Stats:

  • today’s run: 6 miles
  • total Juneathon mileage: 69
  • # of June weekends I’ve been away: 3/3
  • amount of ice cream eaten so far in June: 0 scoops
  • amount of ice cream to be consumed in columbus: can’t even begin to hazard a guess right now.
  • # of miles to be run in columbus: 9 (one for each scoop?)


  1. Uhmm….I want the calorie count *smirkles*

    (I have been gone again for a bit … taking care of some things. But I read your previous blog post…and this one. You go Paige! I mean for running .. .and cross training …and err…knitting nod nods)

  2. Running somewhere different from the norm is always great, but with ice cream thrown in too I feel you will have a fantastic time. Enjoy.

  3. I always nod or say good morning to other runners if they don’t first…it makes me feel like I am in some special little club! Sometimes other Mini drivers will wave at me too if I am out driving. All these secret little societies that I never knew existed!

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