Hello Columbus

I crashed before I could post anything last night.  Yet another whirlwind of a day.

True to plan, I was on my plane at 8:30. Arrived in Columbus a bit ahead of schedule at 9:45. Cab to the hotel got me there by 10:10.  I settled into my room (this funky corner room with lots of angles and windows–I sorta like it, much better than those big box rooms), and then went to set up my booth.

After that, I needed to find a CVS, as during the flight, I realized I must be harboring some sort of sinus infection.  It felt as though my right ear and throat and eye were being stabbed with hot metal knitting needles.  owwies.  Incredibly wicked uncomfortable.

The Hyatt in Columbus is well situated near The Short North arts district. Which is great.  Unless you need a CVS.  Because that’s 9 blocks in the opposite direction.  The plus side of that–I got to see the business-y/government-y side of the city.

IMG_1578 IMG_1580


This is the state capital building with a poor photography of the statue of William McKinley (our 25th president, and no, I didn’t have use Wikipedia to learn that–I can spout off my presidents in groups of 3 thanks to my high school American history teacher–washington, adams, jefferson. stop. madison, monroe, adams. stop. jackson, van buren, harrison. stop. tyler, polk, taylor. stop. fillmore, pierce, buchanan. stop. lincoln, johnson, grant….). Anyways, it was just about lunch time in the capital, and what better way to spend your lunch than on the steps of the building listening to a live band!

Mission CVS accomplished, I headed back to The Short North district for Mission 2: Jeni’s. Short North is great for its cute shops and fun restaurants.  And wall murals:



But my goal was Jeni’s and I was relentless in its pursuit:

IMG_1583 IMG_1582


Woot! And the line was not long at all! My Friday treat: a “small” (two scoops) with Salted Caramel on the bottom and Queen City Cayenne on the top.  I love that they asked in which order I would prefer the scoops–because that is very important.

After Jeni’s, I worked a bit on some things for my booth, and then soon enough it was time for “Sample It.”  The trade show is an order-writing trade show only–no sales, but honestly, the stuff is just so gorgeous that I think years ago, vendors would, after hours of course, sell their samples back at the hotels.  The managing company realized they could capture this market, and now, the first night, the vendors can create “sample packages” they can vend to the attendees.

I picked up some great stuff:

IMG_1593 IMG_1590 IMG_1592 IMG_1587


Of course, being sample-sized, most of the samples are for either cowls/scarves, socks, baby items, or shawls.  I’m going to go out on a limb here, but for the record, I HATE knitted shawls.  I mean, they’re very beautiful and take a huge amount of time and talent, but there are just too many of them out there now. That, and they’re way too reminiscent of Jemima Puddleduck.  So many in the yarn industry want to shake that “it’s a grandmother hobby” image, but I gotta tell you, the popularity of knitting shawls is NOT going to change that image anytime soon.

That being said, I did buy one kit with a knitted shawl pattern.  But only for the yarn. Really. Not the pattern.

After the Sample It, I volunteered for a friend to help out at the Fashion Show (yes, a fashion show of handknitted goods.  Always fun).  I got to be a “dresser” which meant I helped the models out of their one garment and into their next.  That was tons of fun! No photos–I had camnesia (phone was  in my room) but that didn’t matter because the lighting wasn’t so great in the dressing area, and we were too busy anyways, dressing.

Today’s a working day and it’s supposed to be a cross training day, too.  I’m just waiting for the phone to charge so I can hit the hotel gym.

Juneathon Stats:

  • today’s running miles: 0
  • walking miles: about 25 city blocks (to CVS, back, Jeni’s and back)
  • exhibit hall miles: who knows?  I should get a pedometer
  • # of scoops: 2
  • # of shawl kits purchased: 1 (but just for the yarn)


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