I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for…


Yesterday was a great day! Two trips to Jeni’s!

My lunch dessert consisted of Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Brambleberry Crisp.  A fabulous combo, as the brambleberry (a fruit I am not familiar with) is tart, but the crisp, of course, adds sweet.  And the almond brittle?  I think that’s my new favorite, over Salty Caramel.


After dinner, friends and I hit Jeni’s up yet again.  We had a bit of a wait outside the store, as The Short North was really really rocking. Lemme tell you, this night time crowd was a bit rowdy.  Saturday was the first day of Columbus’ Pride event, and boy, the crowds were rowdy and young and loud.  And mostly naked.  And not all of them should have been.  Especially the people in the ice cream line.

But eyes on the prize (not the naked bodies)!


Queen City Cayenne and Brown Butter Almond Brittle.  AWESOME COMBO! This Queen City Cayenne is just amazing–the first taste, the creamy chocolate just fills your mouth. Then you get the hints of cinnamon, and as you swallow, the bite of the cayenne gets you right at the back of your throat.  It is sooooo good. Note that I’m back to the waffle cone.  Ice cream in the dish is not as good as ice cream in the waffle cone.  I’ve learned my lesson. Go big or go home.

Ah, but the trip is not all about ice cream.  There’s been some running too.  Yesterday was supposed to be a cross-training day.  I had planned on going to the hotel gym, but it was crowded, so I headed outside for a short 4 miles–just an out and back along North High Street.  There’s something about Columbus that makes me go fast.  Maybe the flatness?  Anyways, my splits were 8:43, 9:57, 9:44, and 9:55–total run time 38:19, which is faster than I’ve done 4 miles in a long time.

After the 4 scoops of Jeni’s on Saturday, I was ready for a long, slow run today (Sunday).  I made a route on Daily Mile that would take me through a picturesque neighborhood, out to Ohio State and then back along North High again.

Coming from the east coast (although my parents are mid-westerners), I have this preconceived notion that housing stock outside of the New England/NY Metro area is all mid-century modern, or 1970s ranches and split levels.  Ugly.  And I’m always thrilled to be proven wrong.  Thanks Columbus, for proving me wrong!

IMG_1601 IMG_1600 IMG_1602

What I particularly liked about this neighborhood is that the homes seemed similar in age and style to those in my neighborhood (late 1880s-1910s), but they’re brick or stone, instead of clapboard.  And I absolutely Would. Die. For. an arched front porch. So pretty.

This street took me right into the University’s campus.  I learned from the signage that Ohio State was established in 1870 as a land grant university, and it’s now the 3rd largest university in the US (almost 43,000 undergrads and 13,000 grad students–can’t imagine that many people all studying together!)

As I was plodding along, I came across this:


The back end of OSU’s football stadium.  I’m not much of a football fan, but I am always impressed with their stadiums.  Around front, there was the original entrance:

IMG_1605 IMG_1607


Having gone to a small liberal arts college, I’m just intrigued by these huge universities.  With Thing 1 on the front end of this entire process, I’m hoping he wants to look at some of these bigger schools.  I wouldn’t trade my time at Colby for anything in the world, and as an 18 year old going off to school, I was terrified of the enormity of these schools.  But now, I can see how this is exactly what some students (43,000?) need, and knowing my Thing 1, I can see how he wouldn’t find all the offerings as overwhelming as I may have.

IMG_1609 IMG_1608


Although OSU is “old,” it took me awhile before I ran past some older-looking buildings. The campus had a huge amount of construction going on, and many, many of the buildings were strikingly modern/contemporary.  But then I saw these dorms.  Oh, be still my heart that loves red brick school buildings and windows that can open! What a great place to live!

All in all, I got a bit turned around on campus, so my 8 mile run turned into 7.5.  And I spent nearly 17 minutes of photo-taking and a stop at the CVS for more water.  (it was already 77F at the start of my run, and boy, did I feel it). But 7.5 miles in 1:16:24 averaging a 10:08 min/mile.

Oh, and lest you think my trip to Columbus is all fun and games, I am actually sitting in a booth from 10am to 6pm for all three days.

Juneathon Stats:

  • Sat & Sun miles: 11.5
  • total Juneathon miles: 81
  • Total scoops Saturday: 4
  • Total Juneathon scoops: 6
  • # of naked bodies: too many
  • # of scoops needed to erase naked bodies from my memory: at least 2 more


    • Another blogger I read, DC Rainmaker, takes these fabulous business trips and thoroughly documents his runs and rides. I find them so interesting, so I thought I’d follow suit (although he visits fabulous places in countries around the world, and I go to, um, Columbus). Glad you like it though.

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