While I was in Columbus, guess what came in the mail?!?!

My tri suit!


Let me state for the record that just managing to get this thing on was a HUGE effort! Now I understand the attraction of not having a built in compression bra. Good thing you show up to the race already dressed.

Having gotten it on, I thought I shouldn’t waste the effort and headed out for a swim. But just then, thunder crackled overhead, and I knew there’d be a 30 minute hiatus. I’ll ‘tri’ again tomorrow!


  1. I watch hubb and madam struggle in to their wet suits in the summer and always thinks that looks like way too much effort, so laze in the chair watching! Well done for getting it on. Not going to sleep in it? Would certainly curtail any of that other ‘activity’ you wrote about recently!

  2. NICE !!!

    I want a Tri suit now. It will be too hot to wear a wetsuit in the summer…and it will save time peeling the feckin wetsuit off! (I wet to a triathlon gear store a month ago and tried a wetsuit on (they rent them) …OMG by the time I got it on I was pooped! (I did learn the trick about using plastic baggies on my feet and hands lol.)

    By the way, you look awesome in your new swim/bike/run digs. *yahhh!*

  3. Hey Paige … my dreams of doing a Tri in August have been dashed. grrr’s at life’s bends…but also yahhh….because life IS a bend nod nods.

    But one day I WILL Tri!!! Until then, I am soooooooo going to cheer you on *yahhhhh! * Swim strong. Ride hard. Run fast nod nods. But in reality? Just finish. Just…TRI baby….Tri !!!!!!

    • Katie–ever since I read your last post, you’ve been on my mind. I wasn’t going to say anything, but immediately after reading your post, and knowing that you have a tri goal as well, I thought, well, this one’s for Irish Katie. I hope you don’t think that’s too creepy

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