Mile High Club

I figure if sex counts as cross training, and knitting burns more calories than sex, then knitting on plane would put me firmly in the Mile High Club.  Y’all can follow that logic, right?



But, as a knitter, there was a moment of terror.  I pulled my sock from my project bag and it was missing a needle! 20 loose stitches!  Egads.  Thankfully this was a merino wool sock yarn (not silk or any sorta slickery yarn), so I was able to harness up those wayward stitches toute suite.

My last day in Columbus consisted of, yes, more ice cream, and some yarny goodness.  I scored two tickets for Rowan book signings.  I HEART Rowan–their designs are amazing, their styling fantastic, and their yarns are scrumptious.  When I had my store, I looked forward to new Rowan probably more than is considered healthy.

IMG_1610 IMG_1611 IMG_1616 IMG_1615


I’ll be perfectly frank here.  So much of the yarn industry is so, um, kitschy bordering on ugly.  Tons of bad design. Tons and tons of ugly yarns.  Rowan makes it all good.  It’s fashion forwards.  The designs are beautiful and the patterns are well-written.  The Rowan booths at the show stand out.  The three white womannequins, though, kinda reminded me of the angels in Dr. Who.  Whatever you do, don’t open your eyes.

The Rowan magazine had an article about another favorite designer of mine–Kate Davies.  She also had a contribution and a tutorial in the magazine–definitely a keeper.  And then, as I continued to stroll the hall, there was one of Kate’s designs, in person!



I haven’t knit this sweater, although I’ve made several of her other pieces.  Again, smart design, well written patterns, beautiful yarns.

I also won some yarn in an auction:



The photo captures the color well–a great strawberry red–but obviously it can’t relate the texture.  The yarn is Bartlett Yarns, from Harmony, Maine.  This is the brand of yarn I learned to knit on.  It bucks the current trend for all things soft, but I absolutely LOVE. IT.  I still have (and wear) my first sweater I made using Bartlett Yarns.  It’s 28 years old. I haven’t had to patch it, or fix any holes.  I just hand wash it at the end of the season and pack it away until the next.  It’s warm. And now, after repeated washings, it’s soft.  Better yet, it’s bulletproof.  I can wear it in the dead of winter without a jacket and be just fine.  Anyways, now I’m the happy owner of a sweater-quantity’s worth of lovely red yarn.  Is it too early to wish for fall?

My flight home, while delayed, was uneventful.  And because of the delay, I had time for…you guessed it…one more taste of Jeni’s. How about that?  An airport ice cream vending machine.  It serves Jeni’s in cups or as ice cream sandwiches!



Life is good at the Columbus airport.  I’m hoping my theory on travel calories (they don’t exist) holds true.  We’ll see when I try to dress for work in proper work attire tomorrow.

But when I got home and saw this:



I figured this lovely jacket would hide any sort of travel calories.  And the wheels started churning…



I’ve flung open my knitting and crochet stitch guides…my evening has now been claimed by a Chanel ad, a Hudson Brewing Co. IPA, salt & vinegar chips and big, big dreams worthy of a member of the Mile High Club.


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