“Be vewwwy quiet….

I’m hunting wabbits!”  (oh god, I hope quoting elmer fudd doesn’t betray my age…)IMG_1635

Tonight I started running some trails.  For a few reasons–I like running with people, so this trail group seems like a good idea.  Also, I am not a fan of summer heat.  And with the Old Port Half coming up in July, I figured some later in the day runs may help me acclimate to these temps (because even though the half is in Maine, it will still be hot and humid there on July 14).

Tonight was a simple 2 mile out and back.  The entire trail is 3 miles long (making the out and back 6 miles total).  So basically we did a third.  I kept a pretty good pace, especially on the return, which is uphill (albeit slightly).  It was nice to run into some old friends, and meet some new ones, too.

The t-shirt?  Some participatory swag from Pearl Izumi.  Other shirts said “Run Faster” or “Run Farther” and all had some sort of cool graphic on them. It was all random–no choosing, no complaining.  Given the mugginess and that I wasn’t wearing my earbuds (and could therefore hear each and every breath I took), I think mine should have said “Run Stealthily”  or “Run More Quietly” but then that would have required more adverb-ness.

Although it the mugginess of summer is distracting me from my running, it hasn’t deterred me from thinking of my fall project (using the scrumptious Bartlett Yarns that I won last weekend).  It’s a toss up for me between:

Warriston, by Kate Davies and



Ease, by Alicia Plummer.

Which to choose?!?!?Both raglan sleeved, knit in the round (minimal finishing), comfy sweaters with high necks (yep, still worried about that guillotine and/or vampires)  Warriston is a bit boxier, and has (be still my heart!) pockets!

And pockets are a must.  How else will I hold the ammo as I’m hunting wabbits.


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