Purple haze

I am not a fan of purple.  Don’t know why.  I love pink, and purple’s not far removed from pink, but it’s my least favorite of all colors. Today, though, Lots of purple on this muggy, muggy summer day.

This morning’s run was full of hydrangea (blue bordering on purple)!



This home is one of my faves on my 3 mile route–primarily because of its landscaping.  I have hydrangea at my house, too, except last fall the Mister was a bit liberal with the pruning, and only one bush is flowering this year.

Later in the morning, I got to see Thing 3 perform at her Cheer Camp.



There she is in her purple shirt, way up high! She’s a solid child, so I was really praying hard that these middle school girls would be able to catch her as she “cradled.”  To end the suspense: they did.

I usually  run in the morning, since it’s usually cooler than the evening.  This morning, though, I guessed wrong.  This afternoon, as we sit here amidst a tornado warning, the temps have dropped nicely and there’s a great breeze.  The a/c has been turned off and the windows are wide open.  My 3 miles this morning were a struggle with the humidity. This afternoon, I squished myself into my tri suit and headed to the pool for at least a 300 yard swim.  My sprint tri (aug 4) is a 300m swim, and since it’s about a month away, I figured I needed to get some swim on soon.

I swam 5 x 100s.  Without a watch.  Well, without a timing watch.  My swatch was on my wrist.  The entire swim felt good, except when I swam into the small child in a purple swimsuit and floaties who thought it’d be fun to play in the lap lane.  Not so good to be yelled at by an overprotective mother. Whose child was clearly playing in the lap lane. Which is set aside just for laps. But whatever. I didn’t lose my cool, because once upon a time, my child too may have played in the lap lane.  Actually, no, my children didn’t play in the lap lane, because I actually kept my eyes on them (not my phone), so I could haul their cute asses out of the lap lane because there may be adults who wanted to swim laps.  But whatever.  I am not going to be that curmudgeon.

Juneathon stats:

  • miles ran: 3
  • total Juneathon miles: 86
  • yards swam: 500
  • wayward children crashed into: 1
  • solid children dropped during cheer camp exhibition: 0




  1. Good job that child playing in the lap lane didn’t bother you. I mean it could have bothered you. You had every right to let it bother you. But the fact that it didn’t bother you shows that there are other things that bother you other than children playing in the lap lane. Because children playing in the lap lane is something that would bother some people. Some lesser-people than yourself, obviously, because you… you are not bothered by it.

    1. well, maybe only a little…lol…
      we have a small pool (only 6 lanes wide, aside from the kiddie pool and the slide area), so i totally get it when kids play in the one lap lane. but this was a small child (3 years old?) and I plowed right over her (my goggles were fogged up, and she was so tiny I didn’t even see her legs or feet), so it could have been a disaster. the older kids in the lap lane (the ones who can actually stand and whose feet hit the bottom) are much easier to dodge.

  2. Bugs the hell out of me, kids going into the lane, though, like you, I get how it happens. Still, mom shrieking at you? For her mistake? Yep, crazy people are everywhere.
    For the record, I love, love, LOVE purple. And that shot of the garden? I want to steal those plants and take `em home. Only, they probably wouldn`t thrive so well here.
    Adorable one of your little girl. So brave!

    1. I LOVE that garden too. So many people hide theirs in their backyards, but this house sits on a corner, deep in its lot, so it’s really only got a front and side yard, and they are just luscious!

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