No, not snow.  Just a flurry of activity.  All at 3:00pm.  It’s stuff like this that makes me glad I run–just so I can handle whatever gets thrown at me.

As we end week 1 of summer vacation (and the most telling post yet on my town’s FB page came the first day of summer vacation: what’s the first day of school again?), this weekend promised to be busy.

At 2pm today, these were my weekend plans: On Saturday, Thing 2 is heading off to Connecticut to my parents, to be picked up by my brother (who lives in Maine) for her two week stint as a mother’s helper.  On Sunday, Thing 3 is heading off to Frost Valley, a YMCA sleep-away camp in the Catskills.  Mixed in between–making sure Thing 1 gets to his lifeguard job, making a church visit on Sunday for work, a long bike ride on Saturday, and long run on Sunday, the Mister’s karate on Saturday night, and just thrown into the mix–a beer fest at our local zoo (Brew at the Zoo) as a fundraiser for the zoo (an aside: BEST. EVENT. TITLE. EVER!)

The Mister and I got a bit smart when we realized that between the two of us, we’d be spending nearly the entire weekend in the car (trip to CT: 4-6 hours roundtrip, depending on traffic, trip to Frost Valley: 6 hours round-trip, again depending on traffic).  So we decided our time was worth some coin and we forked over the bus fare for Thing 3 ($80 to and fro camp) and train fare for Thing 2 ($80 one-way to Connecticut).

With Thing 2 leaving Saturday morning and Thing 1 with plans with his girlfriend, that left me scrounging for a babysitter for the first time in years for Thing 3 on Saturday night, for my beer fest sojourn.  OMG, how much does that suck?  A lot.

Until 3pm.  Thing 3 and I were birthday gift shopping (oh yeah, thrown into the mix is the sleepover party she’s attending tonight), and my phone started to JUMP with text activity.  Turns out, Thing 2 got a call from the town pool (yep, the same one I ranted about yesterday) asking if she’d like a job as a gate guard.  This is a competitive position (about 75 kids apply for 20 or so slots–Thing 2 applied in the spring, but wasn’t chosen), but someone must have quit.

By this time, Thing 3 and I were at CVS buying shampoo, soap, toothpaste, bug spray, etc. for camp.  I spoke to the pool manager, explaining her commitment to my brother’s family and the need to speak to him first to make sure they could find someone to replace her.  The pool manager told me she’d hold the job until I called back with either a nay or a yeah.

Repeated calls to my brother went unanswered.  Called my sister-in-law’s work.  Left a message.  Then I started getting texts from all the teenagers I had texted during the day re: the Saturday night sitting job for Thing 3.  News flash: I don’t need a sitter if Thing 2 isn’t going to Maine.

Now I’m grousing to my coworker, and my sister-in-law calls back.  They’ve got coverage without Thing 2.  Except for Friday, July 12.  I tell her I’ll drive to Maine to babysit on 7/12. I call back the pool manager–Thing 2 is available.  Pool Manager woots!  Text Thing 2: she’s got a job.  Thing 2 woots!  Call parents in Connecticut (who needed to pick Thing 2 up from the train station before their town-wide fancy dinner dance): no need to pick up Thing 2.  Parents woot!

45 minutes later, Thing 3’s camp toiletry needs are met, the town pool is fully staffed, Thing 2 has her first “real” job, I’ve got an extra vacay day in Maine, and my parents are off the hook this weekend!  NICE!

Oh, and I had an excellent 6 mile run this morning–at a 9:45 pace (best yet in a long time), even amidst this icky sticky weather.

Juneathon stats (winding down):

  • today’s miles: 6
  • total Juneathon miles: 92
  • # of people made happy within one hour: 5 (pool manager, 2 parents, Thing 2, and me)
  • # of people slightly inconvenienced by the suddenness of this all: 2 (brother & sister-in-law), but in the end, they may thank me for saving them from 2 weeks with Thing 2




  1. I totally agree with your point about running helping us with the stuff that`s thrown at us! Congrats though on win-wins all round. You`re kids are great for keeping busy too. Mine take any excuse to lounge around-just like their mother really!

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