Juneathon–stick a fork in it!

Wow! It’s hard to believe the slog otherwise known as Juneathon is over.  And it finished on quite a high note here in NJ.

Saturday, in preparation for my August sprint tri, I biked 12 miles.  Not so quickly, but consistently close to a 13mph pace, so I finished my 12 miles in just about an hour.  This is helpful, as I’m trying to gauge how long it will actually take me to complete this event.  Next time I’m at the pool, I’m going to actually use my watch and time myself.   I think the battle will not be in the events themselves, but rather transitioning between the three.  In particular, after riding the 12 miles, I got off the bike and walked to my Starbucks (1/3 mile walk).  I had absolutely no idea what my legs were doing–the sensation of going from a steady bike ride to a walk was…bizarre to say the least.

Thankfully though I got through that, because Saturday night was the craft beer festival at my county zoo–Turtleback Zoo, in celebration of the zoo’s 50th anniversary.  When Things 1 & 2 were small, we spent plenty of time at this zoo.  It was rather low key, had a penguin, a peacock, some bison, and farm animals.  Oh and reptiles and bugs indoors.  When Thing 3 came along some years later, we returned to the zoo to find more animals and newer buildings.  They must have come into either some state or federal zoo grant money.

Well, now the zoo sports a ropes course, a sea lion exhibit, monkeys, more penguins, and tons of other animals.  And I think it was a great idea to hold a craft beer fest outdoors in such a setting.  People were having a great time.  So were the turtles:



We made our rounds of all the beer companies, and then found the carousel!



We look really happy here because the carousel hadn’t started yet. Our expressions at the end of the ride weren’t quite the same.  Note: riding a carousel on a stomach full of beer after a day in the full sun is not the best idea.

This morning, I had a work commitment at 9am about an hour from my home.  But I was also determined to get in a 9 mile run.  I knew I was closing in on 100 miles for Juneathon, but that if I left the run for the afternoon, it may not get done.  That lead to a 4:30am wake up (yes, i KNOW, on Sunday!!).  9 miles in 1:34 and change.  It was not a great run.  I was tired, and the beer fest leftovers didn’t feel so great in my tummy. I nearly quit 4 miles in, but decided to slog through it. And I returned home, drenched in sweat.  A quick stretch, shower, and drive to St. Peter’s of Spotswood, NJ, where I was invited to speak on behalf of my organization for the ENTIRE sermon.

Typically, I’ll be invited for short remarks after the sermon, but this time, I had the entire pulpit for the entire sermon.  Lots of pressure, which meant I spent part of Saturday afternoon researching the gospel reading and writing my remarks.  As luck would have it, today’s gospel contained not one word about water or mariners or searfaring, so I had to stretch my metaphors to the moon and back, but it worked, as I got applause (the catholic girl in me is still not used to hearing applause in church…freaks me out a bit), a crowd around me after the service, and the priest himself saying: “you really knocked that one out of the ballpark.”  Oh thank God for my liberal arts education; give me two dots, I’ll find a way to connect them.

Juneathon stats:

  • today’s running miles: 9
  • Total juneathon running miles: 101
  • Yesterday’s biking miles: 12
  • Total Juneathon biking miles: 26
  • Total Juneathon Swimming yards: 1,000
  • # of weekend trips made: 3
  • # of beer fests attended: 1
  • # of carousels ridden: 1
  • # of sermons preached: 1 (at church.  At home: countless)

See you all in Janathon!


  1. High 101 for finishing Juneathon on a great note. Over a hundred miles woooot woooot!

    Biking … I was reading a Tri magazine the other day and it said to not kick a lot during the swim, and to also save your legs on the bike portion … or it will be exactly as you said with regards to feeling weirdly on the run. (Of course I don’t actually know this….I am just regurgitating what I read lol.)

    I have noticed that if you use the middle sprocket on the front and go into high on the rear gears … whilst the gear ratio might be equivalent, it does save your legs from getting tired….and I also seem to be able to keep a higher speed for a lot longer. Note … some bikes might only have two gear rings on the front…if that is the case with your bike then I don’t know what you should do. Ack!

    And … I love the carousel photo nod nods.

    • i do have a bike with 3 sprockets in the front–so I’ll try out your advice this week and see how it goes! Thanks. Shifting/gearing is the toughest part of cycling for me.

  2. Congratulations on a successful Juneathon! I used to be able to go on every ride imaginable, but as I have gotten older, even the merry go round seems like it is going way too fast!
    I sympathize with your 9 mile slog…I meant to do 10 miles last Thursday morning, but went to bed way to late and had too many Gin and Tonics. 10 turned into 8…and I am even surprised I made it that far!

    • sometimes this mid-range runs are the hardest–anything over 10 and I can psych myself up for it, and anything under 6 is easy-peasy. but those 7-10 mile runs…don’t know how to get my mind around ’em yet.

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