Hello 47!

That number’s been on my mind, as tomorrow (July 2) is my birthday, and I’m turning…you guessed it…47.

Even though it’s not a milestone birthday, I’ve been thinking long and hard how to commemorate it.  We’re not big on adult birthday parties chez Sato.  And with the Mister’s birthday next week and the 4th of July between the two, we tend to play down both days and celebrate just once.  But one thing I’ve been learning as I get older, birthdays are a lot more fun when there’s an experience involved, instead of gifts.

So this year, I thought about commemorating my birthday week by running 47km (not miles, kilometers, dammit!) between July 1 and July 8. My coach happily obliged by fitting this into my training plan.

But then I thought, why stop with just one week?  No, I don’t want to run 47km a week for the entire year, but why not do 47 of something? Learn or try 47 new things? Or read 47 new books? Or knit 47 sweaters? Or sew 47 projects? Or do 47 mitzvahs?

And then I realized: 47 of any one thing is a lot.  So instead, over the next 365 days, I’m going to do a combination of all these–but probably most heavy on the mitzvahs (because, really, in all honesty, who needs 47 sweaters?).  I’m probably going to make a list of the things I want to learn, or try, or read, or knit, or sew, but I can’t really make a list of the mitzvahs–I feel as though these should be more spontaneous.

So, hello 47!  Maybe this is what Murakami is referring to as “the blessed right to grow old.”  I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.


  1. By the time you get this…though technically where I am it is still July 1 (11:30pm)….it is now July 2 where you are at sooo.


  2. We share the same birthday, but I got you by a dozen years. No fret, it only gets better. Happy Belated Birthday!

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