It makes complete sense

that on the hottest day of the year so far (at least that’s how it feels), I’ve decided to cast on for the heaviest and wooliest of sweaters.



Although Ease was calling my name, I knew my Bartlett Yarn would look better in Warriston.  I’ll get to Ease eventually, with a more suitable and drapier fiber.

I know it’s hard to tell here, but I’m unhappy with one of these sleeves (yes, these are sleeves).  The one on the right is using US8s (needle size) and the gauge is HUGE.  The one on the left is the same sleeve on US7s.  Slightly tighter gauge.  But still not the gauge the pattern calls for (which is knit on US9s).  Grrr.  I should know better.  The luscious yarn is lofty, so although it looks like it’d hold up on 9s, it really takes a smaller needle. And I was hoping to whip this thing up just in time for the unseasonably cold August we’re sure to get.

A side note re: the dental drama.  After a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I can not be responsible for the new tooth.  If I had unlimited resources or won the lottery tomorrow, I would gladly step up.  But I don’t.  A co-worker is approaching the organization our intern works for (the organization that actually cuts her paycheck and placed her with us) to see if they can help her out.  Hopefully they can.  I spoke with my organization’s leadership about this as well, and yes, while everyone does want to help and do something, it’s also such a sticky wicket from an HR perspective–how do we determine which employees to help and which to let fend for themselves–because you can be certain that each and every employee has some sort of hardship, financial or otherwise, they’re dealing with.  It’s hard.  I can see both perspectives.  The parent in me wants to care for this young person who’s very deserving. The rule follower in me recognizes that dealing with garbage like this is the sucky part of growing up and reaching adulthood.  So, I will facilitate a conversation between the intern’s program director, the dentist and the intern.  And hopefully all will end well, even after all the hard lessons learned.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the progress on that sweater. The yarn looks like it`s joy to work with. Glad the dental dilemma is working towards a more satisfactory conclusion for you.

  2. You stun me with your knitting skills. I have a friend who knits…and it takes weeks or months for them to finish one thing…and even then I think it is awesome. Your are like…knitter super hero nod nods. (I find it funny the names they give some of the yarn stores. “Twisted”, “Yarnia”, “The Naked Sheep” lol)

    As for the dental tooth thing … I too am hoping something can be worked out … you are a good person Paige.

  3. Hi Paige, just letting you know that I`ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. There are certain requirements for this as you`ll see on my most recent post.

    Thank you for all your inspiration on so many fronts!

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