My mind is mush

I think the lack of restful sleep (too hot and humid, even at night, to sleep well) and an abundance of activity has left me, well, spent.

Yesterday I completed my first ever brick workout.  A 13.6 mile bike ride coupled with a 3 mile run.  I know, I know, it’s not that big a deal of a workout, but I was pleased as punch with how I did.  Getting off the bike and running is the oddest sensation.  I was not quite sure my legs were actually doing anything, but at the first mile, I clocked in at 9:45. The second two miles were even quicker.  And for the rest of the day, I was riding high–finally, finally my body’s cooperating. The hips twinge every once in a while, but not constantly.  The shin and stress fracture, although niggly because of the humidity (I think), are fine. The hamstrings? They’ve been so quiet, I haven’t had to give them a second thought.

Yet today, my long run (9 miles) couldn’t have been more the opposite.  Maybe because the temp outside at 6:30am was 85F, but every step seemed such an effort.  Every. Step. About mile 5, my legs just stopped, and I walked.  And walked. And walked.  Maybe half a mile, maybe more.  I got to the park, and really wanted to run up the first hill (my next race has quite a few BIG hills), but I walked.  Just keep moving forward, I kept reminding myself.  Move forward.  Eventually, and very slowly, I picked up the pace and made it the final two and a half miles home.

Just keep moving forward.

Unless you’re sewing.  Then you stop, and go back.

After an ice bath and a nap, I decided to make myself a wallet.  My current wallet’s zipper has been broken for over a year, and I’m tired of losing the contents of my wallet in my bag.



This is what it’s supposed to look like.

Here’s mine:

IMG_1691 IMG_1692


Here’s the inside:

IMG_1693 IMG_1694


So, the lesson I learned today: when running, plow ahead.  Keep moving. Forward motion.  When sewing, don’t plow ahead.  Stop the machine.  Get out the stitch ripper.  Rip out those stitches.  Start all over again.  Many, many times. Until finally you can’t see straight anymore, then at that point just keep sewing because it’s past time for dinner.

I am pleased with the result. Although it’s slightly off kilter, the zipper works and doesn’t spill my change.  I did the zipper all by myself (I’m counting this as one of the 47 things I’m learning/making/doing).  I like this new one enough that I emptied my broken wallet, scrutinized the contents, put the appropriate stuff in my new wallet, and threw the old one away.

I’m chalking the poor run up to exhausted legs (Saturday’s brick workout coupled with Friday’s deep tissue massage all on top of 47 birthday km equals the highest mileage I’ve done in a long, long time.).   I’m chalking the crooked wallet up to an exhausted mind.  I’m definitely maturing as a runner and sewist.  Last year these setbacks would have darkened my mood and led to the shunning of the shoes and machine.  The older, wiser me is not freaking out. Even though I’ve got a race coming up next weekend and 7 skirts that I want to whip up for my 6 nieces and Thing 3 in the next 10 days (or so).

Forward motion.


  1. You are AWESOME Paige nod nods.

    85 degrees? I don’t even want to move lol. And your biking is going really well I think *smiles*

    As for the wallet….that is Super cute.

    Oh… please tell your mister that I said happy birthday 🙂

    • Message relayed to the Mister. The biking is growing on me (esp in the heat). The wallet survived its first day in the bag. No spillage, therefore I consider this a success!

  2. You nine miles sounds similar to my run yesterday. Killer! GREAT going with the bike/run. Something I`ve been meaning to do but haven`t quite got around to yet.

    • It was a fairly quick project–be aware though that you will need more fusible interfacing than what’s written on the outside of the pattern. I’m a new sewist, so that necessitated yet another trip to the fabric shop (still working on building my stash). Also, I got uber-thick sewable interfacing, which just regular thick would do nicely, i think.

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